Blessed Be the Children

March 31st, 2014 by Mrs. Who

While I was on car duty today, I was listening to a group of second graders having a conversation. One kid was talking about he he almost became a foster kid when he was little because his mom was gone all the time, but his dad and stepmom found out and now he lives with them. Another boy spoke up and said that his grandmother takes care of foster kids, because sometimes their parents throw them down in the crib. Then that boy’s sister asked if he remembered the time when they got to be on the news because of the neighbor throwing down his baby in the crib. And then the brother replied back that they weren’t on the news that time. The time she was thinking of was when their stuff got stolen and the camera guy talked to them.

These are seven and eight year old kids. That tells you about the environment where I teach. And yet they expect these kids to perform as flawlessly as kids reared in an environment which has few of those societal ills.

I’m getting too old for this.

Must learn to bite my tongue more often..

March 28th, 2014 by Mrs. Who

I was at the grocery store tonight, having my groceries rung up. A gentleman comes up behind me and starts placing his groceries on the conveyer belt.

Cashier: I’m sorry sir, but I’m closed.

Gentleman: Oh, okay, I’ll go to another register.

Me: *Looks around, sees no ‘register closed sign’, and the light is still on the numbered lamp above the register.* But ma’am, your light is still on. There’s no sign. It looks like you’re open.

Cashier: *laughs* I’m open. I’m just giving him a hard time.

Gentleman: She (meaning me) was ready to fight for me!

Cashier: Guess I’m glad she’s not carrying a gun. *laughs*

Me: Who says I’m not?

Cashier: *blink, blink*

Gentleman: *blink, blink*

Cashier: Here’syourchangehere’syourbagokaythanksbye.

The Prodigal Son Returns

March 26th, 2014 by Mrs. Who

Good news: After being kicked out of the my-two-dads’ house, and spending several nights literally on the street…Buck has come home. Details later. Maybe.

Bad news: Naked house has to be put on hold for awhile.

Natural is in the eye of the beholder

March 21st, 2014 by Mrs. Who

I mentioned a couple of posts back that I was helping my sister move a load of boxes from her old house to her new place. It was about 20 miles further from where she told me it was, but hey…she doesn’t drive, so she probably doesn’t have a good concept of distance.

We had three of her four kids with us  in the cab of the truck.  Aunt Mrs. Who, don’t you have satellite radio?  Turn it to channel six!  You don’t like that station?  Which ones do you like?  How about this…I have presets for 36 satellite channels.  Why don’t I just scan through them, and then tell me when you like one, and we’ll stay on that one.  It wound up on the Broadway channel.  My sister and I chatted for awhile, then: Are you listening to this music?  No, I’m listening to THIS:  and changed it to the Rammstein cd.  Don’t tell me what I will listen to in my own vehicle when I’m doing you a favor!

We got to the house, unloaded, walked around the property a bit, and then started back.  Somehow, we started talking about middle age, and how food smells still bother us in the morning, years after pregnancies have come and gone.  She also mentioned that she feels nauseated when she’s on her period and when it’s her fertile time.  (Those are her words.  In the cab of the pick-up.  With kids definitely in earshot, especially since they’re listening to music they don’t want to, lol!.    No problem…I’m very much a matter-of-fact person when it comes to bodily functions myself.  I personally would not have mentioned a ‘fertile time’ in front of very young kids, but hey, not my kids.  But my music!)

She did ask me what I had been doing on my spring break.  Mentioned getting my sewing room done.  That in fact, when it’s me by myself, I don’t close the bathroom door.  And from the bathroom I can see straight across the hallway into my sewing room, with the sewing machine gleaming in the sunlight streaming through the window.  I can sit on the toilet and feel all happy just looking at the room.

My sister gagged and called out my name, acting all shocked…’The things you come up with!’  Hey…at least I wasn’t talking about being fertile, too!!!!  *shrug*


March 21st, 2014 by Mrs. Who

Empty nest. Kind of nice, kind of not. It’s nice having the privacy…if I want to walk naked from my bedroom down to the laundry room, I can. Without fear of causing lasting harm on the kids’ young and impressionable minds, lol.

But some good news. Goob has a place with the Guard in the state where he’s now living. YAY!!! Don’t know if it’s full-time or just reserve, but it’s something. AND he’s going back to school! Awesome, awesome news.

Princess No just received word that she’s been hired for a job on her college campus next year…analyzing statistics for the school. Falls right in line with her economics degree. Awesome, awesome news.

Eraserhead is going back to school to get a teaching certificate to go with his degree, and then has plans to teach English in Japan. Awesome, awesome news.

Buck is still moved out, having some difficulties, but is taking steps to move forward in the world. He actually went to the dentist himself yesterday…and paid for it. He leaves in July for the Army, and says he’ll wait till then to get his wisdom teeth out (told him my insurance will cover him till his birthday next month, and he’d only have to pay about half of the amount…but he decided he would wait until the Army could do it for ‘free’…okay). He’s finding out that being out on your own ain’t all fun and games, but taking small steps to move forward. Awesome, awesome news.

And I have accomplished a lot this spring break. Cleaning, moving things around, sorting paper work…not everything is done, but I do feel good about what I did get done. And I was able to sleep in a lot.

Victory is ours!

Draws Circle on Wall. Repeatedly Bashes Head Against It.

March 19th, 2014 by Mrs. Who

When, oh when, oh when will I ever learn????

When dealing with my sister, I should KNOW to expect demands being made of me. And why, oh why, oh why do I keep letting it happen?

Like this week…I’m off for my Spring Break. And I’ve been doing some serious housecleaning and decluttering. The kind of cleaning that involves hours of work. The kind where you work and work, because it’s just good to keep at it until it’s done. The kind that I have not been able to do since moving in because of so many people living here.

But now it’s just BR and me, and he’s working this week. So I can get some serious shit done. (See…serious shit. Not casual shit.)

My sister is also moving to her Habitat for Humanity house this month. Since I was off, and since I had an errand to run in her town, I offered to take A load to her new house (in yet a different town!!!) since I haven’t seen it yet. Told her that I wouldn’t have a lot of time, but could spend half-a-day helping her out. (Not with packing, just taking a load. I’ve been to her house last week, and Jesus H. Christ…the boys’ room (which leads to the back yard) is a minefield of clothes, toys, garbage, and chicken feed!!!!) All that trouble with DCFS, all those folks helping her get her house clean and presentable, and she’s right back to where she started!!!

Well, it turns out my sister had plans for me. (I should mention here that she can’t drive due to her epilepsy.) When I called to remind her of the time I’d be over and that I can’t fit her AND all four kids in my truck, she told me that it was okay, because I could run the eldest kid into town for his hearing aide appointment, come back and take everyone else to the new house, then bring them all back and then go pick up the first kid from his appointment. Which isn’t until late, late afternoon. Because I have all this free time since I’m on spring break and don’t have kids home anymore, I suppose.

Told her I couldn’t do that because I had things to do. But I STILL have to take the kid to Dad’s office, and then he will walk to the doctor’s appointment.

All this apparently because my mom (who will sometimes take them to appointments) and my sister aren’t talking to each other. Again.

Because of Girl Scout cookies and church.

Apparently, my mother bought GS cookies for my sister’s kids, and gave them to her at church last Sunday. And my sister, being the uber-conservative Catholic she is, went off on my mother about the cookies, because of Planned Parenthood’s connection to GS. My sister refused to take the cookies. My mother stated that they were already paid for, and that she bought them for the kids to enjoy. Apparently my sister got louder and more holier-than-thou, how her kids weren’t being raised that way, and my mother got mad and smacked my sister over the head with the church bulletin. All of this taking place in the church vestibule. So my mother took the cookies and dropped them in the food collection box. My sister later called the lady in charge of the food boxes and warned her about the evil GS cookies being there.

You can’t make this shit up, folks.

Dammit. What happened is that my mom got her feelings hurt because my sister acted like she wasn’t being a good Catholic. And my sister got her feelings hurt because she feels our mom is always trying to tell her what to do and that she’s not capable of making decisions. And my mom hasn’t told me much of what happened, only not to bring it up in front of my stepfather because he gets chest pains worrying about it.

Excuse me while I find my circle again.

I’ll take ‘Tapeworms’ for $1,000, Mr. Trebek

March 12th, 2014 by Mrs. Who

Buck texted me today to see if he was still on the medical insurance. Apparently, one of the my two dads Buck is now living with have him convinced he has a tapeworm. Because he’s eating so much and still staying skinny.

I think they’re just feeling the impact of paying for his groceries. Oh, he says he pays rent to them. But given that our grocery costs have dropped by at least half…I imagine they’re paying more than they ever have before.

And now we could probably go three weeks before we would have a full garbage can to put out at the street. Previously, it would be overflowing each and every week, with bags piled up on top and on the ground around the can.

And we haven’t had to relight the hot water heater since he left.

He called earlier in the week asking about the truck. We told him we’re still planning on signing it over to him, but he has to have a driver’s license, not just a permit. He says he’s ‘working on it’. Whatever that means. He also complained about one of the roomies (one of the kids there, but we’re not 100% sure). Apparently the school would not issue him his laptop because there is not an adult to sign for it. So he bought a tablet to do his work…and it got ‘stolen’. Among other things that have ‘disappeared’. Sounded like he’s not having too good of a time of it there. We told him he could come home (under strict rules, of course) but he practically yelled ‘No!!!’ Okay, kid, stay with people who are stealing your stuff. Not my problem anymore.

Poor Buck. In a world of hurt, and doesn’t even know it.

Kids Say the Durndest Things

March 12th, 2014 by Mrs. Who

Oh, yes they do.

Just today these two gems happened.

One of my sweet students gave me hug this morning. As she walked away, she asked, “Can I take your stomach home?”
“Why would you want to take my stomach home?”
“Because it’s fluffy!!”
Crap. Time to get back on the elliptical.

Then there is a student on the autism spectrum. He has to have some kind of tactile object with him at all times. Sometimes it’s paper men that he creates himself and keeps in his pocket. More recently it’s been a small monkey…it looks like it came out of a Happy Meal. Recently he’s taken to twisting, cutting, and wrapping decorative duct tape (leopard spots this week) around the monkey as a form of clothing. Well, I was leading the line of students out of the building, I hear him blurt out behind me (he has difficulty controlling verbal outbursts), “Mrs. Who, my monkey is going commando!!!” I literally came to a dead stop, gritted my jaw, and drew in my shoulders. Split-second decision…do I keep on going and pretend I didn’t hear, or do I check and hopefully prevent mayhem. I feared he might have added even more to the monkey…maybe making it anatomically correct? I turned around…and all he was doing was ‘flying’ his monkey above his head…it was still ‘clothed’ in its speckled duct tape duds. I asked him if he knew what ‘going commando’ means…and he looked confused and said no. I explained what it really meant and his eyes got really big (he won’t even use the bathroom at school!) and he uttered a big “OHHHHH!”. Little creature went back into the hoodie pocket, as if to protect it.

I love working with kids. They may make me age, but they keep my heart young.

Dear un-Mrs. Goob

February 24th, 2014 by Mrs. Who

I saw on FB the other day where you were so happy to be back to your maiden name.

Not as glad as I am. I mean, seriously, you have an affair with a foreign national and think YOU are the one who was wronged?

Know who else had an affair with a foreign national???? The Goob’s egg-donor…you know, the one who married the sex offender. The one who caused so much pain and suffering in Goob’s and Buck’s lives. Way to go, sweetheart. Way to add pain and suffering to a young man who just wanted to love the special women in his life.

Yes, thank God that you are back to your maiden name. We may have our problems…but you do not deserve to be part of Goob’s or our lives.

Grow the fuck up, bitch.

Missing hearts

February 14th, 2014 by Mrs. Who

Dear Goob and Buck:

Wherever you are, you are both in our thoughts and prayers. Hope y’all are doing well, and chasing the dreams that will make you successful and happy.

May God bless you and keep you safe.

Popping My Cork

February 9th, 2014 by Mrs. Who

This morning I was in the bathroom, minding my own business. I had a song stuck in my head…’Big Spender‘ from Sweet Charity. One of the skaters in the Olympics last night used that song, and it had ear-wormed into me. So I started singing it. To pass the time, of course.

My husband was still in bed. When I emerged from the bathroom, his worried voice came down the hallway, “Sweetheart, are you okay?” he asked.

I replied, “Yes, why?”

His voice came back, with a confused tone in it. “I just thought I heard something.”

Well, so much for my singing in the bathroom…

No Joy in Whoville

February 9th, 2014 by Mrs. Who

I just dumped out my ‘joy jar’. I started it last year, Jan. 1, 2013. It was a neat idea…each day, the family can write down something ‘good’ that happened, put it in the jar, and read over them at the end of the year.

Well, there was no real joy last year, I guess. I was the only one who wrote anything down, and there were only about 10 or so strips of happy thoughts in the jar.

So, I dumped the whole thing out without looking at them.

Two of the kids apparently hate/despise us. Won’t communicate with us. And I wonder just who is ‘living lives of quiet desperation’…us or them.


February 5th, 2014 by Mrs. Who

Buck let one of the gay dads that he lives with do his taxes. The dad that has an arrest record. Or should I say, the one that has a multiple-arrest record. The other dad only has one arrest as far as we can easily tell.

Buck hasn’t even seen the form, and didn’t even know if it was done online or on paper.

Problem is, Buck didn’t mark that he was being claimed as our dependent (because dammit, he did live with us as a dependent high school student, and he sure as hell didn’t contribute to his living expenses).

The IRS will be after his ass.

When I first texted him tonight (as I was doing the checklist for our CPA), I asked if he had made over 3900.00 (a question about dependents on our forms). I also mentioned that he MUST put on his tax form that he was our dependent last year. His reply: “Too late.” Guess he thought it was too late for us, and that he would just get his hands on all that money.

Managed to get him on the phone and tell him the IRS WOULD come after him, and he would have to pay what he owes WITH INTEREST, and that he needed to do an amendment asap. BR conjectured that the ‘dad’ where he is staying might use Buck’s info and open accounts and shit in his name. We don’t really know what the series of arrests was for…

Buck has no clue that he’s fucking himself over so hard. And still not a damn thing we can do about it.

We have Goob’s W2. I texted him a copy of the envelope to see where he wanted us to send it. He hasn’t replied. Okay, fine. Figure it out on your own, then. Hope I don’t lose track of it before he actually calls for it.

Gone with the Wind

February 2nd, 2014 by Mrs. Who

Or not…really neat site that shows the current wind patterns on earth. You can change the level of atmosphere you are viewing, and see different maps. Pretty neat:,30.56,450

Another time-killer: You can make pretty designs, although you might want to mute the music after awhile.

If you use Chrome, this lego-building site is fun, too.

So…just some things you can do if you choose not to watch the Super Bowl today!

Protected: Happy Thoughts (email for pw if you want it)

February 2nd, 2014 by Mrs. Who

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Dear Goob and Buck:

February 1st, 2014 by Mrs. Who

Goob: Those women at church who only ask about you out of their guilt (I think that is how you phrased it), must be feeling guilty again.

Your former bus driver asked about you tonight, as well as another little old lady. Told them you were out of the Army now, but that you liked your current city and decided to stay there. The second lady said, “Oh, he’s a man!” I certainly hope so.

Buck: Offering an additional sum of money (via text) to gain the truck isn’t the deal. Keep that money and use it for tires the truck desperately needs. But remember, the original deal was that you would be responsible around the house and make Cs or above in school. That pissed you off enough that you moved out. Your dad then relayed the new deal, since you broke the original one by moving out. Make Cs or above till the end of this school year (when you graduate), get your license, and have insurance ready. Then Dad will meet you at the Courthouse and sign the truck over to you.

Other than that, how have you boys been doing? Remember, if you need help, we’ll do what we can. Otherwise, I’ll leave you both alone. No more texted good-night blessings, no more contacting you about mail that comes (since y’all aren’t replying to my texts about the previous mail you’ve received). I’ll leave you alone.

God bless you both.


January 30th, 2014 by Mrs. Who

Very telling…blocking Dad but allowing the bitch who encouraged and allowed the abuse to see and follow you and your friends.

Very telling in how sad it is.

I’m so, so sorry for what you are going through.

Dear Goob:

January 30th, 2014 by Mrs. Who

It looks like either you or your new friend have visited here. Or I guess it could have been the ex-Mrs. Goob. But if it was you or your current lady-love, there are some things you need to know.

First, there is a lot we don’t know. You have the right to keep your life to yourself, of course. But we worry. And wonder. And when we only get bits and pieces, we can only make guesses.

You never told us you didn’t want to come home after your enlistment ended. You never said one word about it. We thought by offering you a temporary place to stay, you could get your feet under you without the worry of paying for housing. That you could keep your savings to use for when you did decide on a specific path.

Your brother was looking forward to seeing you, too. In fact, I think when he moved out with his friend, Buck thought it would be temporary until you got back. Of course, you have no obligation to take care of your brother…but he needed a break from us. We only suggested your staying with Buck at our house while we went to the other house as an attempt for everyone to have a break for awhile. Our apologies if you thought we were telling you you HAD to come home. We were trying to help both you AND Buck. Going to the other house makes my drive to work a two-hour round trip…I certainly wouldn’t be moving there for my personal benefit. Oh, yeah, I want to increase wear and tear on my vehicle and increase my monthly gas costs. Like I’d want to get up even earlier than I do now.

Your drinking does worry us…as does your being with your lady-love. LL was quick to jump on us and on my mother (who wouldn’t hurt a flea and is pretty ineffectual about life)…we can only guess that LL feels comfortable bashing us that way because you do. LL doesn’t sound very strengthening…and neither of you have given us the opportunity to see otherwise.

I hope you’re doing well, Goob. I hope you have a plan to take care of yourself and to find a rewarding career. And I hope that you find someone worthy of you. It could be LL…if she truly makes you happy and is a worthy helpmeet who makes you happy and gives your life stability, that is awesome. If you want that without your Dad and me being in your life, that is your choice and we will accept it.

We hope you are happy, Goob. Or at least content. We are here if you need help. Just please be careful.

Up Yours, Bitches

January 29th, 2014 by Mrs. Who

First bitch: Take your smarmy attitude and shove it up your cjtc. That way someone would get some enjoyment from it. You know nothing, NOTHING of life down here, so get off that high-horse and quit telling people how to take care of things. I would like to see your ass get ready for a hurricane. Oh, I’m sure you could handle that, and even give perfect directions to the National Guard. T’is a shame you couldn’t have been there to tell the people of New Orleans what to do during Katrina. The loss of life wouldn’t have happened, I’m sure, because you’re just that damn good.

Second bitch: While I’m not 100% sure, it does look like you have an arrest for a DUI. So you are NOT the best person to be guiding Goob’s life right now. Telling off a grandmother who was just showing concern simply shows your lack of class and maturity. But FWIW, we’d be staying out of Goob’s life right now even without your getting all uppity about it. He has to make his own mistakes, and we can’t protect him from himself. It’s because we respect him to make his own choices. Good or bad. So far, you’re not looking too good on that front. Maybe you have some truths you need to face about yourself, too. Wake up and grow up, the both of you.

Any other bitches out there? C’mon…I’m ready tonight.

Update: Cannot fully verify the DUI, so I’m backing off that remark. However, chicky-baby, that video of you drunk, singing and dancing, is not very flattering. Just friends having fun, I’m sure…but you are helping to alienate a young man from his folks. Granted, he has to make his own decisions. But he is still reeling from the emotional slap his ex-wife gave him, and we’d hope any woman in his life now would help him and be a stabilizing factor for him. Are you doing that? We literally bankrupted ourselves trying to keep him and his brother from a mentally-perturbed (yes, I mean perturbed) woman and the sex offender she married…and we would do so again, even if Goob never speaks to us again from this point forward. We are always here to help him and his brother for as long as we are able. Those two boys with their hurt souls have a lot of shit to work out, and we understand that. We will not, however, enable jack-assery or self-harm. Hope you don’t either.

Winter is Here

January 28th, 2014 by Mrs. Who

With a vengeance.

Holy shit. We are just not equipped for this kind of weather along the Gulf Coast. I’m staying at our second house to monitor pipes. The yard is becoming white. WHITE! The only white I want to see is the beach sand, and we’re too many miles inland here for that.

But we are having a LOT of precipitation. It looks to be mostly ice rather than snow, although snow is predicted for overnight. Tunnels around here are closed, interstates are closed, the big bridges over the local bays are closed. A train has derailed, with train cars dangling over a bridge. Some of the train cars have sulfuric acid, others acetic acid. I guess the first one is the more worrisome…

While I was driving over here, I had the first-time experience of seeing ice forming on the truck as I drove…thickening over the side-view mirrors, and forming thick icicles underneath. Roadside signs have icicles several inches long hanging down.

This just isn’t the way of winter down here, lol! I want to wear my sandals, dammit.

Winter’s Toll

January 19th, 2014 by Mrs. Who

Oh, my poor students in the unusually cold weather we’ve been having.

They’re not used to dressing in several layers of clothing. There has been an increase in the number of bathroom ‘accidents’, since kids have bulkier clothes to handle in getting undressed.

And one kid had his hoodie get caught in a shutting door. It yanked him back and he hurt his elbow slamming it against the door frame as he was dragged backwards.

Winter is a mean bitch, folks. Especially for kids who might not even have long sleeved clothing. Two kids came to school so cold they were blue. No heat in their home, and the night was in the low 20s.

And don’t get me started on the static electricity…give me back my 90% humidity!!!!

We’re just not equipped for this type of weather.

Time Marches On

January 18th, 2014 by Mrs. Who

Still haven’t heard from Buck. Did text him once to see about getting Senior pictures done. He replied that he ‘didn’t order a cap and gown’. Texted back that it was provided for the pictures, and that I’d get him the shirt, tie, and pay the sitting fee. He didn’t reply.

Texted Goob because he received an official government-type correspondence at our address, and I needed an address to forward it. He doesn’t have one yet, but is apartment hunting and should have one by the end of the month. And then he texted a picture of his new dog. So he has a chicky-baby (who will need to apologize to my mother for how she ‘spoke’ to her before I’ll have anything to do with her) who apparently is a good drinking buddy, and a new puppy.

Today is a date-day with BR. Have several errands to run in the next town over, so we’re also going to include lunch and a movie. Or two.

And I have a dental appointment on Monday. Yay…not.

So life grinds on. Would be a great idea to win the lottery and go do some fun things. Like take a honeymoon with BR that we’ve never had. Visit Scotland and Ireland to see places where my ancestors walked. Or those Viking cruises look pretty neat.

Holy shit…just realized my mother will be 70 this year. Need to get busy planning something big for her. A surprise party would be a great idea, I think.

Oh, my opinion offends you?

January 10th, 2014 by Mrs. Who

You should hear the ones I keep to myself.

Ha, ha.

*rolls eyes*

Goob in the Lion’s Den

January 6th, 2014 by Mrs. Who

Goob has gone back to Utah for his grandfather’s funeral.

Walking straight into the lion’s den…with the airline ticket paid for by the ones who inflicted such pain on him.

Sounds like he’s staying with them, too.

Can’t believe he’s doing this.

Hope we don’t read about it in the papers.

My Place, My Rules

January 6th, 2014 by Mrs. Who

Don’t like it? Go read somewhere else. Pseudonyms are used to protect the innocent and not-so-innocent.

I’m allowed to bitch here however much I want, whenever I want. So is anyone else, within reason.

Otherwise, chill out.

Unconscious Mutterings Week 571

January 5th, 2014 by Mrs. Who

Haven’t done one of these in a long time, so here goes:


  1. Gravity :: Movie
  2. Universe :: Animaniacs
  3. Jewels :: Sapphires
  4. Velour :: Soft
  5. Bribes :: Politicians
  6. Pen :: Write
  7. Presents :: Wrapping
  8. Impressions :: Vibrations
  9. Heat :: Now
  10. Pining :: Hopeful

The ‘Universe’ one cracked me up…because of the Animaniacs, of course!

The Butthurt is Strong in This One

January 2nd, 2014 by Mrs. Who

I’m chuckling to myself over butthurt.

No, not mine. Goob’s.

Right now he has no job, and is freshly divorced. So what does he do? He stays where it costs him to live and takes up with chicky-baby. (BR and I are betting he’ll be on the path to being a baby-daddy within six months.)

Anyway, he’s been posting bit-strips with his new C-B. One shows a Saturday Night Fever theme, but with C-B in Travolta’s white disco suit and Goob in a strapless dress. I commented on that that he looked like Till Lindemann, with a link to the video of Lindemann in a strapless dress (Mein Herz Brentt, the video I posted a few days ago.)

The other bit-strip cartoon showed the flying carpet scene from Disney’s ‘Aladdin’…and captioned that C-B could show Goob the world. So I posted this video…a parody of “I Can Show You the World”, but about being unemployed:

Goob has since deleted both of my video comments. Usually he won’t do anything like that, because he won’t let himself be rattled by another’s antics.

My guess is C-B was insulted. Bless her heart. And I sincerely mean that Goob, if you are reading this. Are you REALLY being fair to her right now about everything? And fair to yourself? God bless you both in the path you’re taking. And since you don’t believe in God, well, good luck, and thanks for all the fish.

Moving right along…

January 1st, 2014 by Mrs. Who

Buck came by today to pick up his belongings. He had texted his dad a few days ago asking when he could pick up his things. BR told him today, since he was off of work. (I refuse to be here by myself if he came by.) BR had also asked him to send a list of what he wanted…Buck never bothered to reply. So I washed and folded his clothes, gathered gaming stuff, and put his ROTC uniform in a garment bag. Then I dragged out a trunk (given to him by a retired military officer), three Rubbermaid bins, a backpack, and the garment bag onto the front porch.

He came up quietly with his friend. BR heard them on the porch, going through the bins. Dammit, I packed them all neatly…and he was looking for the power supply for his gaming system. What an idiot!!!! Moving out, and worried for a stupid cord.

Honestly, I don’t know if the cord was in there or not. He should have sent the list like BR asked.

And oh, he asked about his truck.

BR told him that he broke the agreement (turning in all his school work on time, grades of C or higher, being responsible at home without being reminded, taking time off of work to practice driving) when he moved out and won’t even give us the address. So…BR did tell him to get the truck, he would have to still get good grades, get his license, and have insurance ready at the end of the school year.

I doubt he’ll do all that.

Buck did ask when his brother Goob was coming down. Who knows, BR told him. Kind of sounds like maybe the two gay dads are maybe just a stop-gap measure till he could crash on his brother.

Oh, and did I mention that both the gay dads have arrest records? Yeah….one of them has several arrests.

So much like his egg-donor. And we can do nothing else. Probably blaming us all the way.

Oh, and their maternal grandfather died a couple of days ago. (He was the only halfway decent person up there…but weak.) We texted Goob about it, and asked him to tell Buck. Apparently Goob is too busy screwing his new squeeze to take the time to do that. Probably moved in with her, since his lease is up…tomorrow! BR said Buck got a weird grin on his face. Probably thinking he’s inheriting something. Just like his mother.

Okay…this crap is crap. I’m writing it more here for future reference. Sometimes I need to ‘remember’ something that happened. Or clarify events. Or realize that we’ve done everything we can in a situation, and it’s time to move on.

Anno Domini 2014

January 1st, 2014 by Mrs. Who

A new year begins. And it’s time to be looking forward.

I wrote a letter to Goob and Buck:

Dear Goob and Buck,
We wish you both the best in the paths you’ve chosen. Should times really get difficult, you know you can turn to us.
Y’all had a really difficult childhood…those events cannot be erased, no matter how hard I wish they could be. But those events have affected the way you will make the choices in your life…I just pray that as you make those choices, it will bring the rewards and peace that you crave.
In a strange way, y’all have given Dad and me a gift…the gift of starting over. May you be granted that gift also.
May God bless you and keep you safe.

Yes, we’re starting over in many ways. When BR and I got married, we definitely did the ‘married with children’ part. And if you’ve read this blog long enough, you know the horrible roller coaster ride we’ve experienced since then.

But BR and I are finally getting around to the part most people experience at the beginning of their marriage…just being together as a couple.

It’s nice. It’s quiet. It’s peaceful.

I could really get to liking this!

Mein herz brennt

December 26th, 2013 by Mrs. Who

Well, this Christmas season has well and truly sucked.

Don’t know where one kid is…and the other is crashing in place. BR is horribly hurt and upset and worried.

I was on the phone earlier with BR, who is at work. One of his coworkers thinks she knows of the kid Buck might be staying with…trying to get an address. But while BR was chatting with the coworker, I just got all choked up and nearly had to hang up. I managed to pull it back together before BR came back to the line…don’t know if BR was able to notice.

There is so much hurt in those three lives. BR, raised by an alcoholic family. Buck and Goob, raised by their mom and her sex-offender husband. BR said he keeps having an image of Goob the day he picked them up with the emergency order. Goob was standing on the couch in his mother’s house, looking out the big living room window and BR, his mother, and the cops who were there to enforce the emergency custody order. Goob shot BR the bird and waggled his ass at him. That’s the atmosphere in which he and his brother came here…

Goob is also doing some heaving drinking, driving under the influence. I don’t think he planned to come home at all after his divorce/end of enlistment. Maybe he was afraid of being under our auspices again. I understand that…but he just needed to tell us that. We had looked so forward to seeing him.

BR is worried about financial repercussions. We went into bankruptcy for those boys (and I would do it again to save them). We sacrificed so they could go to parochial school. We bought a vehicle when we weren’t planning to so we could go to Goob’s wedding (started in a lie because they had already been married). And then BR co-signed on Goob’s truck…which is a fear now. Goob kept promising he would pay it off with Army bonuses…but it still hasn’t been. And now Goob is out of work.

We bought a truck for Buck to use. He still doesn’t have a license yet, so we told him to show us he’s responsible in school work (failing grades most of the time) and for his chores, then he could get his license and get the truck in his name. He paid us back for the truck, but has done nothing to show he’s responsible. And he disappears over the weekends and holidays, only coming home right before school starts for the week. Doesn’t answer his phone or reply to texts. He’s probably with his friend that has ‘my two dads’.

Buck and I…don’t get along. I try to keep abreast of his school work, but he’s of the attitude he’s got the minimum credits to graduate, so why work any harder? Why turn work in on time, when the teachers let him turn it in later half-assed for a ‘D’.

We’ve taken up his school computer (leased through the school)…we’re financially liable for it, and he’s supposedly camping on the grounds of his workplace (a marina/bar/restaurant). Or he’s at the other kid’s place. He did bring back the computer when we asked. He came in, set the computer backpack down, and left without a word. I’m taking it back to the school next week, and telling them we are no longer responsible for it.

BR has changed the locks on the house. He doesn’t want Buck coming and going as he pleases. And he worries about the repressed anger Buck has, and that he might hurt me in one of our arguments.

So much hurt. So much anger. So much sadness.

My heart aches.