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Mind Over Matter

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

Middle age has sunk in. Hard. Body doesn’t react as well as it used to…weight doesn’t come off as easily…not as quick as I used to be…so on, and so forth…

And so there I was today, on the elliptical. Halfway through my workout, I was ready to stop. Why the hell should I submit myself to this? What does it matter anymore? It’s hard, it’s boring, it’s no fun, it’s not taking the weight off or slimming my body with the speed it did ten years ago. I’m in relatively good health otherwise per my most recent physical. I’m extremely busy with work, and coming home and ‘having’ to do this routine just flat out sucks. I’ll never have the body that I did in my 20s, dammit. Why do I put myself through a workout that brings very little joy to my life?

But then a thought hit me. What if I had been a spectator at the Boston Marathon bombing? (I’d never run a marathon, no matter what!) Would I have had the physical strength to help? Would I have been able to carry out someone? If I was injured, would my fat ass make it difficult for someone else to carry me out???? Fuck that. I want to be ready to help. To be a sheepdog instead of a sheep. I want to be prepared to be able to stand up against the wolves, even if it never happens to me personally (please dear God). I’m sure just about each and every one of those participants and spectators never thought about the circumstances that happened to them. But it did, and they had to react. Given the right circumstances, I don’t want to be a burden.

So I finished my workout. Because it does matter.

Dammit…have to change the song now…

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

My (hopeful) thoughts for the results of tonight’s election:

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Very  NSFW!!!!!!!!!  Okay…warned you!


Big Bird is part of a dying species, anyway…

Saturday, October 13th, 2012

I was working with a struggling student when we came across the name ‘Bert’ in a reading passage.  The child couldn’t figure it out.  We sounded out the word together, but the kid still looked blank.  So I prompted him, “Like Bert and Ernie?”  The kid still looked blank.  So I asked him if he had ever watched ‘Sesame Street’.    The  kid had a puzzled look on his face, eyebrows scrunched together, then replied, “Nah, we watch Disney Channel.”

Head, meet reading table top.

It comes down to parenting.  Parents are the ones who guide and prepare the child for future success.  Sesame Street is a great program for building reading foundations.  But if a parent doesn’t expose a child to it and work with him in other ways, throwing more tax payer money at the program won’t help those children.

It starts at home, folks.  It starts at home.


Let there be light…

Friday, September 7th, 2012

…and let it shine brightly into any vacant space of those who blindly support this man.


Pretty in Pink

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

Well, the Republican National Convention is over.  It’s been funny reading the reactions from both sides of the political spectrum.  People take some things too damn personally!  Facts have been pushed aside so people can wave their feelings as if the feelings trump facts.

Take Code Pink, for example.  They want us to think that their vaginas make them better thinkers than those who don’t have one.  To prove that, they show up to protest dressed as…vaginas.  Hmmm…when men show up dressed as penises, it’s usually at a college frat party and they don’t do it again once they get into the ‘real’ world.  And when I saw pictures of the ‘vaginal protestors’, I thought, ‘I could have made a better costume than that’.  After I contemplated for a nano-second, the idea grossed me out and I had to go watch ‘Honey Boo Boo’ to reach a higher level of thought than Code Pink.

Okay, not really.  I’ve never watched HBB, just seen the promos.  And it appears to be a show designed to mock ‘rednecks’, and make others feel superior…‘at least we don’t look and act like Honey Boo Boo’s family‘…  No, but elitism is just as much a failure of character as exploitation of children.

And as ugly as I think a show such as HBB is, politics is going to be even uglier up to the election…and possibly even past that.  Even uglier than a bunch of women dressed as genitalia.

Still here…

Saturday, August 25th, 2012

Just crazy busy with the beginning of the school year.  Getting kids off to college.  Freaking out about money.  And oh, yeah, a hurricane coming in.

This has been one crazy year.  I don’t like rushing things, but sheesh…this year has been a non-stop money-bleeding adventure.

Politics gets crazier the closer we get to the election.  I’ve been Netflixing instead of risking channel-hopping and coming across the lies, lies, and more lies coming out of the media.

*sigh*  And I’m having cramps.  Bad ones.  Don’t get those too much since my wonderful lady-parts procedure a few years back, but I think the stress is affecting me more than usual.

And a damn hurricane is coming in.

I hate August.


Saturday, July 21st, 2012

Living a Choice

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

The debate continues on religion/contraception/insurance.

I think we’re going about this the wrong way. 

Last week, I had my yearly gyn exam.  While I was in the waiting room, a 20-ish woman came out from the exam area and sat near the door for the ultrasound room.  A nurse told her they would call for her shortly.

The woman then got on her phone.  I only heard her side, but her words tugged at me as she spoke with her boyfriend/husband.  ‘I don’t know when I’ll be home.  The doctor has to do an ultrasound.  He couldn’t find the string.’  She sat silent while he responded. ‘But I don’t know when I’ll be home.  It might be imbedded in the wall of my uterus.  I won’t know what’s going to happen till after he sees if he can find it.’ Now she’s choking back tears as she listens. ‘But I can’t tell you a time!’

First off, I was pissed at her asshole of a boyfriend/husband/slimeball…she’s facing a possibly serious condition, and it sounds like he’s worried about getting his dinner on time.

Secondly, hearing this conversation made me wonder if we’re missing the real heart of the contraception issue, at least for women.  Other than abstinence and condoms, all the other contraception methods have risks for the woman.  Diaphragms can contribute to bladder/yeast infections; spermicides can cause irritations or  allergic reactions; hormonal methods can increase the risk of cancer; IUDs can cause serious side effects (not the least which is PID); the morning after pill can cause hemorrhaging; and abortions have risks all their own.  I’m sure I’ve neglected some methods, but these cover a pretty good range.

How serious is the research for a ‘better’ method for women?  One without so many inherent risks? The whole time women are demanding their reproductive rights, they are actually demanding a way to harm their bodies. Why aren’t they demanding safer, healthier ways for contraception? 

Medicines are pretty much a poison to your body.  Your doctor has to consider if the ‘poison’ of the antibiotic outweighs the disease risks.  Birth control choices must undergo that same type of decision.

But it’s still the woman facing the risks.  Men don’t have to…but they sure as hell get the benefits of birth control.  And women go right along with it…

I’m not against birth control…and yes, I have used it.  I just think there needs to be other answers. 


They Shall be Divided

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

Gah…made the mistake of asking my mother (who lives in a different state) if her bishops had written a letter against Obama’s health care demands as had the ones where I live.

Long story short, she says she’s not paying that much attention to it because ‘she’s too old to have kids’.

Blink. blinkblinkblink

Furthermore, she said that she’s probably a ‘CINO’… a ‘Catholic in name only’ because she doesn’t see anything wrong with using birth control.

I tried to tell her that it wasn’t about whether or not a woman chose to use birth control (and I don’t have a problem with it either, actually), it was about the violation of the First Amendment.

She didn’t get it. She said it didn’t really affect her. I told her that the Jews under the Nazis probably heard that phrase from their countrymen, too.

My mom doesn’t get it. She truly thinks this issue is simply about birth control, and doesn’t see the implications against the First Amendment.

Fathers against sons, mothers against daughters. Those words come from the Bible. My mother didn’t want to hear that, either.

Does it matter? I’m not an extremely religious person. But I do feel if this one right is eroded, all the others will eventually be destroyed, too. And thus would our country be destroyed. One. Little. Freedom. at a time. All because ‘it didn’t affect me’.

A Man of God

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

So…Obama quotes a Biblical passage at a prayer breakfast, urging the ‘rich’ to pay more taxes because they have been given ‘much’. So he is encouraging people to follow the teachings of the Bible and pay more taxes.

But, when religious organizations try to follow the tenets of their faith, too bad-so sad…Obamacare MUST be followed. ONLY follow your religion’s teachings when it means you will give money to the government.

This president seems to take great pride in making an origami throne for himself out of the Constitution. And then he’ll wipe with it and tell us it’s for our own good.

I’m really worried for this country’s future.

Uncredited quotes again…

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Yet another phrase for which I cannot remember the source, but I like it:

‘Jesus was not a community organizer.  Barabbas was.’

The Unwashed Masses…

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

and the stooges who want to control them:

You’ll have to click through twice to get a ‘big’ picture if you want it.  But it cracks me up…all of them having the same pose (do as I say, not as I do)…all pointing to the fools that they use to promote their agendas.  I’d rather have an honest middle finger hoisted in my direction, rather than a pontificating pointer of a finger.

Desperation has become the new politics…and it really frightens me for what’s going to happen leading up to next year’s election.


Sunday, August 7th, 2011

While the President has been celebrating his birthday, we lost Navy SEALs, our country’s credit rating fell, mobs are pulling people from cars and beating them, the TSA is treating our own citizens as terrorists, yet another incursion by the Mexican military on American soil

Where is the President? Has he come out to say ANYTHING about the country falling around his ears? Is he stuffed so full of barbeque that he can’t come out to say anything? Is his birthday week so important that he can’t be bothered to come out and act presidential?

It really, really makes me sad that he’s a ‘black’ president. Not because he’s black, but because he’s doing a grave disservice to the black community. There are enough damn idiot racists out there who will claim it’s because of his biracial status that he can’t be a good leader. I hate that he’s reinforcing that skewed viewpoint by his ignoring everything.

And, oh, it’s not the Tea Party’s fault. If you have a better idea for TRULY fixing the economy and the budget, why didn’t you come out with it, Mr. President. You must stop the spending…even raising taxes will not stop the downward economic spiral our country is facing. And raising taxes will keep money out of the marketplace…

Do something, say something, mean something other than your re-election. If you truly love your country, you will do what it takes to save it.

Sadly, I feel you love yourself and only yourself. Everything else just serves as a mirror to reflect your ‘greatness’ back to yourself. I guess the flames of our downfall can give you a pretty good glow, hunh…

Participate, dammit!!!

Friday, August 5th, 2011

I had to travel several hours by car today and listened to many different radio stations along the way.  One time, I happened to tune in to a left-leaning talk show program.    The hosts were upset about the effect the Tea Party has had.  One person pointed out that in the 2010 election, only around 16% of eligible Americans voted.  Therefore, the recent problems in Congress have been caused by the Tea Party minority, and thus not really how it should have turned out because the majority didn’t really have a say.

I laughed and laughed, and wished I’d had the number to call in to whatever show it was.  If you don’t like the results, you need to get off your ass and vote!  If mostly Tea Party advocates take the time to vote and take other actions, lefties won’t like it.  I wasn’t happy with how Congress pushed Obamacare through, and a MAJORITY didn’t like it, therefore the changes via the 2010 elections. I guess all those who pushed Obama through in the landslide-that-wasn’t couldn’t be bothered to go vote in the mid-terms.

And fwiw, I’m NOT happy with the results of the recent Congressional action.  So I guess we’re all unhappy.  It remains to be seen which ‘unhappy’ side will win in the next election.  I know I’ll be voting for our country’s future, HOPING to CHANGE the economic earthquake that is coming close to tearing our country apart.


Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

I think not. Not even as I drive to teach Vacation Bible School with my Bible on the seat next to me and my gun under the seat.

Obviously, I couldn’t drive well if I felt bitter and was clinging to the both of them…it would mean I’d have to drive with my knees. So, I’ll drive safely, two hands, knowing the other two very important items will be there when I need them.


Thursday, May 19th, 2011

I am a woman without a president today. I can no longer recognize as President the foreign-raised, American-hating bungler and egotistical fool. He is a traitor to our American heritage, and he has no moral compass. He has dragged this country into an economic disaster and by siding with Palestine, is now placing us into the hands of those who only want to destroy us. You have betrayed the chosen people of God…a God whom you claim to worship as a Christian. Liar. You probably thought that the ‘bounce’ from the bin Laden killing would make citizens overlook the anti-American, pro-Muslim action you took today. Bzzzzzzttt!!!! Wrong answer.

You are no longer my president, Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama. One day you will find out your sycophants are not representatives of the real America. You will find out that the millions of Americans at whom you sneer are not ignorant as they bitterly cling to their Bibles and their guns. Just because they disagree with you doesn’t make them ignorant. It means they won’t blindly agree with you just because you have a teleprompting smoothness and upturned-nose elitist snobbery. The Old Spice Man could deliver your speeches even better than you, and he’s a hell of a sight easier on the eyes. In other words, Barry, actions speak louder than words from an empty suit. And your words today DO NOT SPEAK FOR MOST AMERICANS!!!!! The polls should tell you that, but you will ignorantly disregard the people’s wishes because You. Don’t. Give. A. Damn. About. America.

I used to laugh at the people who said you were really a Muslim. I laughed at the people who got caught up in the birther debate.

I no longer laugh. For I see you as Manyara from ‘Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters’, an African tale. Manyara is beautiful, but haughty and cold-hearted, and she refuses to recognize the worth of those she deems beneath her. Manyara yearns to be queen, and insults all those in her hasty journey to get to the king first. Instead of finding the king, she finds a monster who knows her for what she is, a selfish and self-serving brat.

Barry, you are well on your way to finding that monster. I just hope and pray that it won’t be staring at you from the mirror. In ‘Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters’, Manyara does find some redemption, and warns her beautiful sister Nyasha about the monster who can see all her faults. Will you come to see your faults, Barry? I’m afraid that it will be too late when you do, and I fear for America in the meantime.

That is why I disavow you as my President. You don’t speak for the majority of Americans. You are not acting as an American. You are not acting as a President, but as a self-serving bully, who seems desirous of fulfilling a destiny learned on foreign soil. You sicken me, Barry. Your actions today may well have brought death to many innocent Jews, Americans, and other non-Muslims the world over. May God have mercy on your soul.

Love my doctor…

Monday, April 11th, 2011

I had a hellacious day this past Friday. Nausea, headache, tightness in my chest, irritability…so I worked half a day.

Called my doctor at 11:00 AM…and had an appointment for 1:00. On a Friday afternoon. Doc did a quick check-up. He gave me a prescription for the weekend (including plenty of rest).

Today is Monday. His office called me, to make sure I was doing okay.

I love this doctor. I love MDVIP, the program he’s with. BR and I have had to pay a rather goodly sum to be patients with it. We’ve had to do without some things (like a new bed. And a new couch (wait…we don’t even have an old one). And new cabinets.) But there are only 600 patients (and their kids). I get the attention I need when I need it. And in my particular case, I don’t have to meet a co-pay. And since I’ve basically paid up-front, I’m more likely to go to the doctor when I need to…instead of waiting until I can ‘afford’ it.

MDVIP is this particular doctor’s answer to Obamacare. And God, do I love it!

Chuck Norris wishes he were man enough for her…

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

The Lady or the Tiger

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

BR: (looking at an email from Jockey) “Wow, she’s purty.”

Me: You know the coupon is only for underwear, not for the model.

BR: Damn.

Me: You know, with your luck you’d get (a coughing spell hit me just then).

BR: The clap?

Me: (Clearing my throat.) No, I was going to say Helen Thomas.

BR: I’d rather have the clap.

Obamacare drove us to it…

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

And it cost dearly.

My husband and I are part of a medical plan that we pay several thousand a year for…on top of our insurance premiums. But among other benefits, it guarantees us 24 hour access to our doctor. A doctor who diagnosed a thyroid problem that had been overlooked by other doctors for over two decades. This doctor suspected the problem in BR’s first visit and sent him for bloodwork…and placed him on a simple and cheap thyroid medicine.

I really like this doctor, and when he changed to this new medical plan (where he’ll only have 600 patients, instead of the thousands he’d be required to see under Obamacare), we decided to scrape up the money somehow to be able to continue seeing him.

Today, on a Saturday afternoon, after working at my school for seven hours, I felt like that niggling cold I had was turning into bronchitis. I called the doctor, described my symptoms, and he called in the prescription for me.

No waiting till Monday, when I could have been really sick. No running to a local ‘Emergicare’, paying extra costs via insurance, and having to wait who knows how long to be seen. Nope…just a call and my prescription will be waiting for me.

Is it worth the extra money? For this doctor, so far, yes. He’s extremely thorough and spends all the time with you that you need. And our dependents can go to him without having to paying the yearly fee my husband and I do. Same day or next day appointments. A yearly physical included. 24-hour access. And a doctor who is able to practice as a doctor should…not people whipping past him in a cattle chute.

It costs us…but we have a doctor who is allowed to be a doctor. :)

What will it take for America to return to the country it’s capable of being?

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

A DeLorean with a flux capacitor.

(seen somewhere on the Net)

UPDATED: Fun With Farcebook, or ‘How to Win Friends and Influence Chicagoans’

Monday, February 28th, 2011

A little background: Facebook allows you to set your display name to whatever you desire – as long as you have an email address that you’re willing to submit to the data-mining bots. Some time ago, I created a ‘play’ account – it was actually one of my first forays into Facebook, before I discovered that it might actually be a useful tool more addictive than crack.

So back during Obummer’s first year in office, I set the display name on this now scarcely used account to “Rahm Emmanuel” and blocked all information about the account from being shared to “Friends Only”. To my amusement, it gets the occasional friend request or congratulatory private message. But today when I logged-on, something different showed-up in the inbox. I thought I’d share, along with my version of ‘Mayor Emmanuel’s’ response. Enjoy!:


Don't speak to me, peasant!

He’s back  – and is he pissed!:

‘A busy guy with female tendencies?’ – Priceless.  :mrgreen:

Homage to the State of the Union Address

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

On the Arizona shootings…

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

I would love to have one, just one, politician, journalist, or any talking head to make a statement that no one should blame a political belief for the shootings. The guy was obviously mentally unstable…and mental illness is a real issue. Attributing its affects to a particular political leaning denigrates the nature of the illness.

If you have a loved one affected by mental instability, I’m sure you wouldn’t want people ‘using’ it to support their political beliefs. That’s crazy talk in and of itself, when you come to think about it.

On Obama in India

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

In this article, apparently the Indian people are expressing surprise that Obama needs a teleprompter for a 20 minute speech.

But what made me laugh was this comment to the article:

Dear Indian people, if you are seduced by Obama’s “charm” please keep him there because his “magic” has evaporated in America. We will gladly pay you the cost of what his return trip to the US would have been. However, if you become disillusioned with poor boy (you will) and want to send him back to us you must send 14 trillion $ with him. No warranty given or implied….
PS. Michelle is free. (posted by amvet)

One could wish, lol!

Please tell me…

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

…that someone has a hidden camera on Pelosi tonight. I so dearly want to see that meltdown…

Election Day 2010

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

(idea totally stolen from BR’s Facebook)

Got a match?

Pelosi…you will never look so good as when you step down from your Speakership.

Just. SHUT. UP!!!!!

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Since I live in one state and work across the border in another, I get the lovely gift of robo-calls from desperate politicians in each state.

Mostly from the Dem side. Actually, I think they’ve ALL been from the Dem side.

And if I get one more call from the head of the Alabama AFL-CIO, I swear to God I’m going to start mailing him the dirty, sucked-up contents of my vacuum cleaner. The damn unions are a source of a lot of our economic woes. Anybody who is in Obama’s pocket (and vice versa) certainly will NOT get my vote.

So leave me alone, dammit. Or I’ll suddenly be doing a lot of vacuuming around here. Don’t give me any of your mess, and I won’t give you any of mine. Deal?

Warning: Obamacare is deadly to your paycheck!!

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

At my job we’re receiving almost daily emails and print-outs about our upcoming insurance changes. The letter we were given yesterday had the following warning in bold print:

WARNING……We have employees that, if they do not change medical plans, will have their entire paycheck consumed by medical premiums with no way to change their election after Open Enrollment ends on November 5th.

Thank you, Obama, for your ‘affordable’ healthcare for everyone…as long as you don’t want to eat and pay your mortgage!