Novasure, one year later…

Okay…this is one of those female posts. Probably of no interest to men, but they’re welcome to read if they want. They’ve been warned. But there might be women who might want to know about it, especially the long term effects. Another warning…may be too graphic for delicate stomachs. TMI, and that kind of stuff, but if you’re thinking about this procedure, you need/want to know.

Just over a year ago I had the ‘Novasure endometrial ablation’ procedure. I had been having severe menorrhagia. It affected my work, recreational activities, and my sex life. I dreaded the thought of hormonal treatments and/or a hysterectomy. I researched various endometrial ablation processes, discussed it with my doctor, and decided on the Novasure procedure.

I was put under a general anesthetic, and then the uterine lining was scraped away in a D&C procedure. The lining was tested to be sure there were no indications of cancer. Then the Novasure implement was inserted through the cervix, and a mesh was released through the tube, where it spread out against the uterine wall. Electrical energy was sent through the mesh, effectively burning away the lining.

I went home that same day with little unusual side effects (other than stripping in the middle of the parking garage, but I blame the drugs for that).

I only spent a day or so on pain pills, and had a watery discharge for awhile.

Now what can I say about the results one year later???? Best $500 out-of-pocket medical expenses I’ve ever spent!!!

Okay, specific results. An endometrial ablation cannot guarantee a complete cessation of periods, and some women do get regular periods again (although I’ve read that most of those women have fibroid cysts that make it difficult for the mesh to reach all of the uterine wall, thereby not having a ‘perfect’ procedure). I barely notice mine…usually only after wiping when I’ve been to the bathroom. I can get away with just a panty liner if I wish…or even a ‘light’ tampon, if I’m worried about an ‘accident’ while I’m out for an extended period of time.

I have fewer yeast infections and urinary tract issues. I think the prolonged, heavy periods I was having made it easier for bacteria to grow. (I think I just lost whatever male readers made it this far, lol!) And as for my sex life…well, let’s just say there are more opportunities now that ‘Aunt Flo’ doesn’t keep visiting. And visiting. And visiting.

My iron level has gone up also. I often could not donate blood because my hemoglobin level would be around 8 or 9 gm/dl. (Normal would be 12 – 16). Most recently my level was 13.8 gm/dl. This is good news for BR, also. Low blood iron can cause ‘restless leg syndrome’…which means I kicked him a lot when I was asleep. Now when I kick him, it’s because I really mean it.

The only negative aspect I would comment upon is that sometimes I feel a more ‘urgent’ need to go to urinate sometimes. I don’t have any leakage or anything…and remember, I’m a teacher and don’t get a potty break whenever I want. I’m used to ‘holding it’. But it just seems like that sensation is stronger than before.

Overall…it was so, so worth it. Previously, my periods were stressful times…having to plan around it to be sure I had constant access to a bathroom (which really affected the teaching job!)…worrying about ‘accidents’ because of the heavy bleeding…there is so much more peace of mind now.

So, if you’re considering it, consult your doctor. But it has worked wonderfully for me.

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  1. diamond dave Says:

    This sounds suspiciously similar to problems my wife suffers with. Could this condition also result in low blood platelets, thus reducing resistance to illness? Because after her last bout with pneumonia the doctor said her platelet count was abnormally low, as well as her iron levels. I wonder if I shouldn’t direct her to your link, because this all is sounding familiar.

  2. Mrs. Who Says:

    DD: Don’t know…but it can’t hurt to have her run it past her doctor. I sometimes would take prenatal vitamins if I felt run-down a lot…maybe that could help her in the interim. They have extra iron in them.

  3. Pam Says:

    Wow, that’s great! Love modern medicine! :D

  4. Teresa Says:

    I know someone else who had this procedure and was very happy with the results too. It seems that when it works it’s a godsend. It does depend on the fibroids though. Too many women will avoid any type of surgery like the plague – to the point that they have real issues when they do have surgery because they waited too long. *sigh*

    Dave – if you wife has low platelet levels she really needs to get the problem causing it addressed – it does cause excess bleeding at bad times! If her doctor doesn’t take it seriously (ie… finding the reason and trying to treat it), it’s time to find a new doc!

  5. Amanda Says:

    I am really worried about weight gain. All I have read have been negative about the weight. I for one get very depressed about weight and do not want to gain anymore but lose more. Will this effect my weight at all? I am sceduled Nov. 12th. for the procedure. I am thinking seriously about not having it and let Mother Nature stop my monthly misery. Is there any body out there with great comments about this other than not having HMB?

  6. mcslp Says:

    I wanted to let everyone know that Novasure is wonderful! I had the procedure 7 months ago, and have not had a period or spotting since. After the procedure I never had any pain, and only a clear discharge for about a week. Mine was done in the Doctors office under “twighlight” which was great because it wore off so fast. It was very quick, and easy. Definitely one of the best things I’ve ever done!

  7. Jolene Says:

    I had the Novasure procedure a couple of months ago. I had very minimal pain right after the procedure. I’ve had one light period since the procedure. However, I have gained almost 10 pounds. I haven’t changed my eating habits. Has anyone else gained weight following the procedure?

  8. Aphrodite Says:

    I had my novasure procedure 11/11/09. Major drawback for me was the weight gain. I gained 14 pounds of water and no matter what I do, cannot seem to get rid of it. I feel as though I am on the pill, or IUD. I work out like a fiend and watch what I eat. Scale will not budge. Other than that I love only “bleeding” for two days only using panty liner. I am no longer anemic and fainting and visiting the ER on a monthly basis. I think if I had to do it again, I would have had a laprascopic hysterectomy and kept my cervix and ovaries. Good luck to all as everyone is different.

  9. Mrs. Who Says:

    Thank you to the ladies that have stopped by recently…I haven’t been greatly affected by weight gain…maybe two or three pounds. And I’m middle-aged and not that active, when weight gain more easily happens. As mentioned before, everyone is different. Talk over everything with your doctor before you decide anything…do NOT make a decision based on just what you read on the internet!

  10. Miss Debbie Says:

    I had this procedure done mid August of this year. I continue to have regular heavy periods. In fact, I can’t tell a difference at all. I feel the same, I still have heavy periods. Everything I’ve read from other posts have been just the opposite of my experience. I would not have had the procedure if nothing was going to change.

  11. bonnie Says:

    It has been almost a year and a half since I had the Novasure ablation. I was 50 when I had it done. It took nearly 3 months to quit bleeding following the proceedure, and then 2 more months of pain. Just as we were about to discuss a complete hysterectomy, things got better. I still ovulate every month, but as for a period it is nearly non existent until this month. Antibiotics for a sinus infection at the same time as ovulation seems to bring on more of a period.
    I am also a teacher. Having the proceedure 2 weeks before the start of school was the first bad decision. Going ahead with the proceedure when my original surgeon became ill and I had to have a different (and very rude) one was the second.
    I would still go through with this now, but I would so be better informed and ready

  12. Deb Says:

    March 10th it has been a year. On the positive side I do not have the terrible cramping and heavy bleeding on cycle. In fact I do not know when exactly it is. My question to anyone is I am experiencing major burn feeling and pain around my hip bones pelvic and lower back area. I have been hospitalized back in may and continue to see Specialists that can’t figure this out. I never had this prior. I do experience more of this pain when I discharge brown twice a month be-leaving it could be my cycle time or not. From this procedure it costed me my job and more money for Doctors and hospitals. Including my sex drive If anyone can direct me or has experienced anything like this and had it treated Help Me…….

  13. Patrice Says:

    I had the procedure in March of 2011, my perioed were very heavy and lasted for weeks and I never knew when it was coming….since the procedure I’ve had regular periods and they come as scheduled and are not as heavy as the were, the cramps are pretty much still the same which sucks. I was hoping my period completely stopped but it didn’t….now this month I’ve cramped and cramped but still no period!! I know for sure I’m not pregnant. I don’t know if this means my periods are going to stop now or what…I guess I’ll have to wait and see. I wish the cramping would have stopped:(. I guess I’ll see what the next couple weeks will bring. I really hate not knowing when my period is coming. Like I said right after the procedure my period was like clock work for the first 3 mths…now this month…I’m just waiting…………

  14. .x.suzanne.x. Says:

    i also suffered from severe menorrhagia so opted for novasure done under a general anesthetic, and then the uterine lining was scraped away in a D&C procedure. it has only been 3 weeks since i had it done i was kept in hospital for 2 days because of severe pain after the procedure, it settled in a couple of days. i have had constant discharge everyday since having it done which doesn’t look like its going to stop any time soon ive also been suffering very bad pmt ( i feel sorry for my husband ) but im still hopeful that it will all settle down eventually im due my period soon and fingers crossed it wont be that bad

  15. matilda Says:

    I just had a novasure 3 days ago. other than the massive amount of drugs I had to take to have it done in the office, it wasnt too bad. And for the first time in almost 3 months I didn’t bleed today. yeah! Anyway- a bit painful while being done and a definite drag hangover the next day but so far well worth it. Hoping I am one of the women who never get another period. That would be awesome.

  16. marcella rivera Says:

    I had novasure in aug of 2010. I have crippling left side ovary pain that shoots down my left left for the past six months

  17. debbie k Says:

    I had the Nova Sure procedure 10 days ago. I was twilighted in the office and did not feel a thing! was done in 15 mins. I had some pain for about 8hrs just like bad cramping, I have had very light spotting and some discharge but other that that my horrific bleeding stopped immediately and im good to go!!!! Only time will tell what will happen next but Im hopeful that my life will be much better!

  18. Michelle S. Says:

    I am scheduled to have a bladder sling and novasure done in 2 weeks. I will post my recovery.

  19. seanettle Says:

    scheduled for my novasure tomorrow, have had many years of heavy bleeding that like others left me mapping bathrooms and even opting out of activities for fear of an accident….will post again post procedure …fingers crossed

  20. seanettle Says:

    well procedure was cancelled cuz the doc was delivering a baby at another hospital rescheduled for the 28th….will update

  21. Michelle S. Says:

    I had it done yesterday along with bladder sling. As far as cramping goes its minimal and just taking ibuprofen. Barely any discharge just minimal bleeding. So far its been fairly easy. I did have to go home with a catheter due to sling but came out this morning and will update more later.

  22. seanettle Says:

    had my ablation done yesterday, was anxious just because but it was quick, relatively painless and my doc chatted me up the whole time…came home pretty doped up and after eating went to bed for half a day and tis morning I just have some dull aching and minimal discharge…day one and no regrets yet!!!!!

  23. Mrs. Who Says:

    Love hearing this good news!!!

  24. seanettle Says:

    went to my two week check up today and all is well. Been a pretty Ok two weeks too, minimal discharge and tolerable discomfort. Doc says probly wont get complete amennorhea. little does she know I would be happy with what most of america considers a “normal” period…still sounds great to me, real test will be in two weeks when i cycle again….and oh yeah she cleared me to go back to ALL normal activity today..woo hoo…

  25. Lydia Cortez Says:

    I’m scheduled for Nova Sure, Sterilization by Laproscopy and D & C. Has anyone had all three procedures done in one visit? I’m having secomd thoughts : /

  26. jennifer Says:

    I had the novasure procedure done on Jan 26 2012. Everything went good. My husband and I had intercourse 2 weeks ago (I was on top) and the next day I started spotting. Now I have been bleeding since. The bleeding is not as heavy as it used to be, but has been constant. I go through a regular tampon a day, so the bleeding is much lighter than it used to be. Is this normal or is it something I should be concerned about? Thanks for any info you can give me.

  27. Doris Flaiz Says:

    I had my novasure done maybe two years ago… and this past two days I have had cramps like crazy… but I am so thankful that I had this procedure as this is how it would be every month for weeks at a time… the bleeding was getting like yours so heavy I had to stay close to the bathroom, I had not thought of it as related, but yes I do have a greater urge to go, and can’t hold it like I used to…

    But like you I feel it’s the best out of pocket money I have spent on a medical procedure, in the beginning my periods didn’t go away completely… but it was greatly improved, I had little to no night sweat, my periods were one or two days… very light… and after a year the periods pretty much stopped, I now have the PMS symptoms once in a blue moon… like today and yesterday… but no bleeding… I can deal with this once every six months if that often.

    I was in my early 40′s when I started going into Peri-menopause, heavy night sweats, very heavy and long bleeding periods and PMS in a bad way… I was no fun being around, and it was no fun being me either… but after doing this procedure I feel like I was able to get it under control without any from of medication or hormone therapy… now I’m a happy camper :)

  28. Michelle S. Says:

    So I’m now 10 weeks post and have had 3 cycles.. each one has consisted of one day of very light bleeding. Had minor cramping two days but I am so glad I had this done.

  29. Ally Says:

    Had my procedure done May 24 so far so GREAT. I can’t wait until my next cycle to see if it works. I had very little bleeding and discharge. Took pain meds for the first 2 days but that’s it. I hope it helps with the pm’s cause I was a real witch.

  30. DMI Says:

    I have had very opposite side effects… I hate the day I had this procedure done. I had it done 3/17/2011. I have always had constant, irritating, bleeding. I don’t have a mate thankfully, because my sex life wld be in shambles. I have been spotting for over a month now and all my doctor can say is, you need to lose weight, or I need a hysterectomy. I hate NOVASURE. I am so disappointed. I don’t bleed heavily, but these prolonged periods of bleeding are driving n insane. Has anyone had this type of issue??

  31. Mrs. Who Says:

    DMI: I hate you had these results…I’m at three years now, and still very very pleased, with only minor spotting on occasion. Maybe you should try getting a second opinion from another doctor?

  32. DMI Says:

    I think I will. Thank u!! I’m so disappointed.

  33. Missajo Says:

    This is the only site I have found with current information. I will be having the Novasure soon. I am concerned over the post I have been reading. Those that have been happy with the procedure have you had problems with weight gain? How long did you have to wait to resume sex?

  34. Trihaf Says:

    Hello all, I just had my novasure done on Thursday the 28th. My GP recommeded that I have this procedure done because my hemoglobin levels kept dropping in the 8′s and my iron level was at a one. I have had very heavy periods since the very first one 26 years ago. Mine generally go for 8 days, 5 of which are horrible ( soaking a tampon and pad within half hour). I am a mother of two boys, and a full time student and periods like those really do affect your life in every way. After consulting with my ob-gyn and deciding that I was a good candidate for the procedure we got the ball rolling. First she ran some blood work and did my yearly exam. Both came back good. Next she scheduled me for a uterine biopsy and an internal ultrasound. They found a tiny cyst on one ovary and a very small fibroid that was not on my uterine wall. The biopsy was uncomfortable so it was at that time I decided I would have the procedure done under anesthesia. For 14 days before my surgery day I had to take progesterone to thin out my uterine walls, my Dr. prefers this method instead of a D&C. On day of procedure, done in her office, I had to be there at 9. I was immediately taken back to talk with anesthesiologist and got my IV started. Within seconds I was OUT!!! Next they woke me and my husband and I were on our way by 10:15. I had mild discomfort, I wouldn’t say pain, but maybe an ache and I was still a little groggy. By 5 pm no more ache. I only took a half of a vicodin the whole day. I am now on day 4 and still feel a little nauseous at times but I generally do for about a week after any kind of anesthetic. My discharge is minimal and slightly pink but mostly just looks kind of like I peed on my pantyliner. Doesn’t really bother me at all. I don’t have the backache, headache or cramping that I have read so many people talk about, not yet anyway. I am, however, still very tired but I think I will be like that until my iron levels come up more.I am still afraid from all the “bad” reviews out there but will stay positive. I was supposed to start my period on Friday and had all my PMS symptoms but no bleeding, I hope it stays that way for the end of July’s cycle. So far so good for me. I know people who have had good and bad experiences but chose to go through with it as it really is my only option for now. I am a diabetic and my Dr. said she prefers not to do a hysterectomy right now because I cannot have all the hormones if I need them. So hopefully this works and I can get on with my life because I have a very demanding semester coming up in August. Fingers crossed for all of us.

  35. EmiDeck Says:

    I am 37 yrs old and just had a D&C, novasure ablation and removal of right ovary and tube on June 28th. All was done lapra. Pretty much pain free and extremely minimal discharge. I seems like everything you see on these message boards is negative. I’m just wondering if that is because mostly the people who are having issues with it are the ones still searching on message boards for answers? Im very active and in very good shape so I’m concerned about all the weight gain I am reason about! Anyone out there several months out with no weight gain?

  36. Brandy Says:

    The first thing I would like to say is that everyone is different we all react different to things. I am 41 years old. My kids are all teenagers and I realized I didn’t want anymore, 3 girls was enough for me. So I had my tubes tied in 2004 and ever since then I have had cramps and huge blood clots when I had my period. Three different doctors told me it was from having 3 kids and from having my tubes tied, just scar tissue they all said. It got to where I was taking anti cramp meds the week before, during and sometimes after my period. I could take it anymore July 3rd. I missed work because my cramps were so bad. I can’t miss work due to my position and how much I travel with my job. I went to the doctor on Friday, July 6th, they did ultrasounds and my doctor talked to me about Novasure it sounded perfect, anything to see if my pain would go away. My husband and I are taking the kids on a cruise August 4th so I wanted to have it done before then. July 18th I went to CMC in Charlotte. Had the surgery and so far so good. I was only out of work for 3 days, probably could have gone back on Friday but didn’t really want to push myself, there are a lot of stairs to climb and I am up and down all day long. I haven’t had anything more than spotting, only have used a panty liner. Just a little cramping after the surgery. Ladies I am a wimp when it comes to pain but I only used the pain meds for 2 days, once a day. I usually have my period the first of every month so I am looking forward to seeing how it goes. I have talked to a few people that have had the Novasure and they have all said good things. I will post again when I get back from the cruise and let you know how it is going. Good luck to everyone.

  37. Kahikina Says:

    I just had my Novasure procedure done yesterday along with Hysteroscopy and D&C. I took pain meds yesterday and today. I am discharging a little but insides are tender. Awaiting my 2 week follow up appointment. Just waiting on my iron levels to restore to normal due to being an iron deficient anemic for 20 years after my first child. Will post again after my follow up appointment. I don’t regret getting the procedure done and looking forward to my new future with less bleeding if I am to continue with periods or no bleeding at all. I will see what my future brings. Thinking positive thoughts only !!!

  38. prpljbean Says:

    Having the procedure done at 1:30 today!! I am super nervous as I have been on the internet reading and unfortunately there are tons of horror stories. I am having the procedure done in office and hoping that I will not feel much pain during procedure–or after for that matter :) Hoping for good results so I can live life and not worry about scheduling around the monthly “friend”…

  39. Heather Says:

    I just had the Novasure procedure done on September 4th, 2 days ago, along with a hysteroscopy and a D&C. When I first woke from the “twilight” sleep, I felt good, nothing compared to the regular anesthesia I had when I got my tubes tied in 1997, but about an hour after waking I had severe cramps, almost as if I was in labor! This lasted a few hours and then started to settle down. Fell asleep finally for about a half and hour, and upon waking, I had a terrible headache.
    Yesterday, which was the day after, I woke up feeling really good. No cramps, no headache. I even loaded my dishwasher, ran the vacuum, and did laundry. The only thing that concerns me is that I have pain in my neck and shoulders. It actually feel like I have bruises at the base of my skull, and I feel like I have had a tight belt around my ribs, they feel bruised as well. Not sure what that’s all about, but I also have a swollen gland on the left side of my neck and under my chin.
    So far, the only thing I’ve had is a very light, brown discharge, needing probably a pad for a full day, but I change mine for sanitary reasons, I hate to feel dirty “down there”. I’m praying for good results because this whole nonsense of bleeding for 8 days straight is really annoying! I’ll keep you all updated on my progress. Good luck to those of you who are waiting to have it done!

  40. Heather Says:


    I’m 10 days post op. Feeling great! Still having some discharge, but no need for more than a panty liner a day! It also turned more of a yellowish color now instead of the brown I was having in the beginning. I hope this is a good sign that it will stop soon.

    I did call my doctor about the pain I was having, and he said that it was from the hard, donut shaped, pillow that they had under my head, and the pain in my rib area was from the belt they use to “strap you to the table” to keep you from moving. The swollen glands were probably due to me getting a cold, which he says is very common after being “put under”. They have since gone too.

    I go for my post op check up next Friday, on the 21st, which is around the same time I’d be due for my period. So we’ll see how that goes.

    I also would like to know how long you ladies waited to resume intercourse. I am a very sexual person, and I feel like I’m going to choke someone soon…LOL! I mean, I was told that it was OK to have external stimulation, but after that I want the full experience! I know, a bit TMI for some, but it is what it is…..Thanks!

  41. JennyM Says:

    I am scheduled for Novasure on Thursday. I have read a TON of reviews about the procedure and it seems like the major complaint is weight gain after having the procedure done. My doctor says there is no way that this procedure can cause weight gain, but I don’t understand why so many women are saying that. Curious to see if any of you have gained weight post Novasure. I struggled with losing my weight after my 3rd child and don’t want this to bring back any of those unwanted pounds…..thanks!!

  42. Southern Cupcake Says:

    Had Novasure and D&C this Mon 10/8, now 4th day post op. I am a homemaker and grad student, will be going to class first day out today. DO NOT DO THIS UNDER LOCAL & A BLOCK!

    I had cardiac arrest at a prior op, to remove a breast tumor, and was considering local due to heart issues with general. Spoke with head anesthesiologist at leading hospital in my area after NA wouldnt touch me with 10′ pole. He advised due to the pain of procedure as a DOCTOR to do this under twilight/prophenol (?) with a heart stimulant and roll the dice rather than try it under local. Reluctantly I trusted him and Im forever greatful I did!! I woke up quickly, procedure was 45 min NOT 5 (D&C wasnt expected he said til they started) and another woman in bay with me had it done by diff doc same time. She was SCREAMING hysterically make the burning stop!! And could not have any more drugs per the adjacent nurse, as you can only have but so many on local. My dr shrugged it off but the hospital staff ALL said its a very painful procedure to do awake…avoid if possible.

    Post op Ive been ravenously hungry, light clear pinkish discharge. Sleep a lot but no worse than day 2 of my bad periods. I am severly anemic..usually 7-8, and at 41 too young for hyster if can be avoided. I DID gain 4# IMMEDIATELY after surgery…I watch my weight daily, and Im 100% sure this is post op swelling and bloat. I imagine the hunger is healing but I will obviously have to work to get rid of the weight gain as sson as cleared to exercise. my post op recheck is two weeks will try to post then an update.

    So far I would recommend this if your alternative is anemia, staying out of work/school 2-3 days a mo as I had to, etc. Its not cheap, we hit our $2000 OOP max with this one procedure that billed about $13k to insurance. Take several days off to recover, at least 3 if not the week.early activity can lead to poor results while scartissue heals and forms. BTW I do not think you lose your sex drive, Im still as horny as before just gotta wait to be cleared in two weeks. I think it may magnify whatevr youre working with to begin with. So far Id do it again but I read up a LOT before choosing this. Good luck to all considering it.

  43. TawannaF. Says:

    I had this procedure done 10/11 & I’m loving it. I’ve had very heavy cycles from almost the beginning. Having to miss school. &work so much. Not being able to attend social events during that time of the month. Receiving 7 blood transfusions… I just really feel I’ve made the best choice. Not pain or discomfort, just a watery discharge for now. And no sex for Overall a great experience ?

  44. TawannaF. Says:

    I had this procedure done 10/11 & I’m loving it. I’ve had very heavy cycles from almost the beginning. Having to miss school. &work so much. Not being able to attend social events during that time of the month. Receiving 7 blood transfusions… I just really feel I’ve made the best choice. Not pain or discomfort, just a watery discharge for now. And no sex for Overall a great experience ?

  45. Afterall Says:

    After a lot of research on the web and discussions with my gyn, I have decided on novasure ablation. I am 45 and have been dealing with weeks of bleeding at a time, this last episode going for 10 weeks straight. Gyn suggested Mirena IUD, but I’m so sensitive to hormones (ie. The pill) that the dozen or so side effects seemed all but guaranteed for me. I read that novasure was one of the best ablation procedures available, so I asked for that, as well as general anesthesia. Pre-op appt set for Dec 5th, ablation set for Dec 12th. I’m going to email my Gyn and ask about the Progesterone mentioned by Trihaf instead of D&C.
    This is the first I’m hearing about weight gain as a side effect, and I can only guess at that being temporary. I am looking forward to being able to ex reside regularly again, hoping that that will counter any weight gain. Since your hormones aren’t being messed with, I expect to have all the same pms issues I have now, simply without weeks of bleeding (hopefully none).
    If you are at peri-menopause age, difficulty losing weight is a given, as well as possibly some loss of sex drive, dryness, complexion issues, and hot flashes. I can live with these things as long as they aren’t compounded by hormone based treatment. Ablation is intended to address only the heavy bleeding. The rest I leave to nature.
    I’ll update after my procedure…crossing my fingers.

  46. mariahwi Says:

    Having the procedure done 10/22 – my husband found this site to make sure this was the right thing to do. Tried the Murina IUD and it was a complete disaster. I’d never do that again. I leaked and spotted for 8 months straight, never could go a day without a panty liner or pad. Only way it stopped was to have it removed. Just sick of worrying what’s on the chair when I get up each month during my periods. The thought of never having to wear black during the time of the month or worry about having an extra pair of clothing at work is very appealing. I was surprised about the amount of drugs to take prior. I’ve recently lost 30 lbs and I will say I won’t be happy if I gain 1/3 of it back because of the Novasure. I’ll post results as I go.

  47. Laurel Says:

    I’ve been dealing with heavy periods and anemia for the last year. I am considering having the Novasure procedure done. I’m already 20 lbs overweight due to irregular hormones, being too tired to function and bedridden at least a week a month. I don’t take any type of prescription drugs. My only worry is I will gain even more weight once this happens. I am meeting with an OBGYN in about a week (my second opinion) and to discuss all my options. My heart feels for ALL of you.

  48. Dawn Says:

    My obgyn recommended novasure for me I am 37 years old, i have one child and I have had heavy bleeding in the past but my obgyn told me I should get this procedure done because of my health with my diabetes and my heart trouble. I am having trouble not starting my period then when it starts I have to wear 2 pads at a time because it’s so heavy. Did anyone have this procedure done that is a diabetic and have heart trouble.

  49. Lora Says:

    I am so scared to be but asleep but my gyn told me today that the lining of my uterus is too thick causing heavy periods and severe anemia. My only options are Merina, NovaSure or Hysterectomy and I am only 34 yrs old and surely do not want a hysterectomy yet. I don’t know what to do as I have read horror stories on the Merina and the Novasure. I am absolutely TERRIFIED to be but to sleep and I don’t have to be put to sleep with the Merina but I do with the NovaSure…BUT, my gut is telling me to go with the NovaSure..Please shed more light on what your experiece was with the anesthetia part of this was like :( I’m so scared!!

  50. Mrs. Who Says:

    Lora: I’ll be emailing you shortly.

  51. anessa barnette Says:

    can u email me also please asap I am having this procedure done monday the 29th and I have some questions id like to talk to u about thank u.

  52. Mrs Burley Says:

    Having this procedure done on Nov 8th, I would like to know what to expect the day after Surgery.. Also I hadn’t read anything about weight gain until I started looking for reviews today, so if there is anyone that is a good bit out from the procedure I’d love to hear a update… Thanks in Advance

  53. Amy Says:

    I, too am considering having the Novasure procedure done instead of opting for the Mirena. While I don’t necessarily have heavy periods anymore like I once did as a teenager, my periods now last an average of 12-13 days every month and on top of that, my cycles are getting shorter at about 24 days each month. These changes seemed to start 4 years ago when I stopped taking birth control pills for medical reasons and I’m curious if others have experienced the same symptoms that drew them to having Novasure because of no longer taking the pill.

  54. Victoria Says:

    I had the procedure done on October 26th. I had absolutely no pain from the day of the procedure to now. Like some others, I’ve had an increased urgency to urinate, and more frequently. I’ve also had light discharge which continues. I have had absolutely no pain. Hope this information helps.

  55. Victoria Says:

    I had the procedure done on October 26th. I had absolutely no pain from the day of the procedure to now. Like some others, I’ve had an increased urgency to urinate, and more frequently. I’ve also had light discharge which continues.

  56. Cori Says:

    I had my Novasure don in September. I had some heavy cramping pain post procedure, but it subsided with my pain meds., and was gone the next day. I had some light pink spotting that night that changed to clear for the next two days. There was no bleeding until 3 weeks post op when I had sex for the first time. I woke up the next morning with spotting, and later with a moderate gush of blood. Nothing major, but it lasted a couple days, and then the spotting started. I spotted on and off for a couple weeks, then nothing, then menstrual bleeding for a few days (pad needed) then so far nothing. I read the literature, and this is normal for post-procedure. I have, however, had some discomfort during intercourse and at times cramping after. I have also had loss of sex drive and increase in appetite causing weight gain. As miserable as I was before, I don’t think I can say that I wouldn’t do it again, because I think that these things will probably get better with time. I’m not at the point to where I’m ready for a hysterectomy. Just make sure you go into this procedure with realistic expectations and patience.

  57. Bet147 Says:

    I was bleeding heavy for 4 weeks and needed to have novasure,hystocopy and DnC done Oct 5th 2012, I must say I had terrible cramps for 4 days post op but no bleeding which was wonderful.Week 2 & 3 post op I got watery yellowish discharge and a few crampy days. Week 4 I think was my cycle and the discharge was pinkish thick for 2 days. It will be 6 weeks this Friday and back to gyno for my checkup, how come you ladies were allowed sex after 2 weeks? I was told no bath, swimming, tampons or sex for 6 weeks and the hubby has a cocktail night planned for this Friday hopefully when I get the all clear lol. I had a ultrasound today to check all is ok because Ive had mild to medium crampy pains daily and have gained nearly 3kilo in 5 weeks since this op my belly loks like im pregnant. I havent seen results yet will know Weds. Lady doing ultrasound said there was alot of follicular activity inside so maybe hormones are going haywire. Ive never had weight issues so the op has caused this sudden weight gain,having this 3kilo belly isnt fun.Hopefully it will settle soon,anyone else had weight gain?

  58. Wendy Says:

    Had the procedure due in July 2009. The procedure itsself was an absolute nightmare. I chose to be awake for the procedure instead of being put asleep or having twilight sleep. My doctor told me that the procedure was only a little worse than an endometrial biopsy…..totally untrue. It was, without a doubt, the worse 90 seconds of my life. Now, when the procedure ended, the pain did as well but the pain was definitely severe enough that I would NEVER recommend anyone do it while awake. I had no postoperative pain and only had light discharge for the first couple of weeks. No more heavy bleeding since then. I still have hormonal symptoms monthly as if I am about to have a period but there will only be a drop of blood on the tissue when I wipe. I have had some slight weight gain and have had cramping pain and spasms in my lower back and bladder area since my ablation that I did not really contribute to the ablation until I read some of these entries. Overall, it has been a good experience for my menstrual cycle problems but the spasms in my lower back and bladder area have been really, really bad. I recently was able to get back on health insurance so I will soon be able to have these issues checked out and will let you know if they are due to the ablation or some other reason.

    On a side note, please be sure that you dont want children in the future before you have this procedure done. Since having the procedure, I have found the absolute love of my life and would like nothing more than to be able to have a child :(

  59. Martha Says:

    Thanks so much for this post (“Novasure, one year later”). I just had the procedure done three days ago. I feel a little guilty because I feel so much better already and it’s been no time at all. The worst I have experienced was some pretty heavy cramping that lasted maybe two days. And I have been VERY tired, sleeping quite a lot. Today is the first day I’ve been out of bed for any length of time. I’m knocking on wood here because I feel……well, basically fine. I get a little crampy every now and then, but it’s nothing to write home about. I’m not even bleeding, which I was fully prepared for. I’m not having discharge of any kind. Is this normal? Shouldn’t I be noticing SOMETHING? Seriously though, I realize this is not a medical site and you’re not a medical professional. I just wanted to add my experience to the others. It sure seems like the procedure effects people differently and one cannot expect their experience to be the same as others’. All I can say is, if I had known it would be this easy, I would have done it WAY sooner.

    Also, let me add that I chose general anesthesia for the procedure, in spite of the extra cost out of pocket. Reading Wendy’s post above, I can relate to the pain she experienced, having recently undergone an endometrial biopsy (not the same thing as Novasure, I know, but painful nonetheless). I highly recommend general anesthesia for this procedure if you have the option. The last thing I remember was them putting me in the stirrups and getting sort of sleeeeppyyyy……….zzzzzzzzzzz.
    I cannot imagine being awake for a uterine ablation (shiver!). Wendy, you are one strong woman!

  60. Maribel Says:

    I had my Novasure procedure done under general anesthesia just yesterday. So far not much discharge, mainly just yesterday. I’m 35 and I’ve had miserable periods ever since I was 9. I’ve had 4 kids and I’m done with having kids. I’ve had the IUD and had to have it removed due to infections. I’ve been with my current gyn now for 7 years and he highly recommended Novasure for me due to my medical history. I’m hoping that this will work. Its frustrating being out of commission for a week or more every month. Being in so much pain with my period. Hopefully I will be one of the lucky ones that never have a period again, but even if I have “normal” periods, I’ll still be better off. Looking forward to a better way of life, I hope :)

  61. Heather M Says:

    Thanks for this post!! I had my procedure done June 2010 and have been extremely pleased with the results. I had terrible cramps/pain, flowing hard enough that I soaked through heavy duty Poise pads within an hour, and passing clots that I thought may have been my liver (not really my liver but they were huge). Since the procedure I have experienced 4 times of spotting and not regularly either. Just 2 weeks ago I spotted and now tonight I am doing so again but it’s heavier than ever before. I have pain in my left side and it wraps around into my back. There’s a burning sensation along with the pain as well. Has anyone else had this happen with suddenly getting spotting after a year on not spotting?

  62. PRITTY57 Says:

    Hello Everyone!

    Happy Holidays!! I have experienced ALL the symptoms that each of you described prior to completing the Novasure procedure. With everything that I am reading on the Internet….Boy! I am reading with my mouth extended. I have made the decision to proceed forward with the procedure. Just waiting on my insurance confirmation and my wonderful OBGYN to give me the “magic date”. I will keep you posted on the outcome…..I will keep a positive mindset and believe that I am making the right decision at this point in my life…..

    **I appreciate the transparency that all of
    you have given, so that others can make
    a more concise decision during a time
    when they feel that this procedure/route
    is the only alternative at this point in
    their lives….It’s appreciated!!!!! ***

  63. Mrs_kelly Says:

    I’m getting this procedure done January 11th and also getting my tubes tied. All these reviews are scaring me! I’m so nervous!! I hope my body responds well with this procedure. I will be gettin general anesthesia..

    I had my last child 14 months ago. I had 4 periods since then (breast feeding) and then my last one was SO heavy I was changing tampons within 5 minutes. It was pouring out of me! Yuk! Sorry tmi lol. I don’t want another period like tht. Plus, it lasted for 3 weeks.

    Anyway, they told me if it gets worse they will do a hysterectomy. I hope it goes well so I don’t need that!

  64. Snow Kitty Says:

    I had the Novasure procedure done back in 2010. I was 38 and having problems with constant regrowth of uterine polyps that starting messing with my cycle each month. Had 2 D&C in the years prior, but still these things grew back. None were cancerous, but the fact they kept coming back was alarming. So, this procedure was given as an option. I had it done in-office and awake. Toward the latter end of the procedure, it did seem a bit painful, like really strong cramps, etc. , but for me, recovery from root canals hurt much worse.

    I have no periods or spotting which is very nice. I have had weight gain in the past year (almost 20 pounds), but it may be due to the fact I am in perimenopause and not associated with the procedure. I am very active in sports and eat a somewhat healthy diet. I do get occasional mild cramps/PMS like I always did before a period, but it subsides quickly–few hours at most.

    So far, I am glad I opted for this procedure. Only time will tell if this is opinion of it is sustained. There is a thing out there called Post-Endometrial Ablation Syndrome that has developed in some women a few years after, but hopefully it’s on the rare side. But just wanted to throw that out there for something to be aware of and research if concerned.

  65. Mrs_kelly Says:

    Hey I just wanted to ask…does it affect your sex life? Like can you still feel everything? I’m getting mine done Friday!

  66. Annie Says:

    I would just like to add that not everyone will have a positive out-come. I had the procedure and regret it every month. My flow has lessoned but I am now having excruciating abdominal pain. If I knew there was a possibility of having this pain, I would not have had the procdure. The Dr. told me the worse case scenerio would be that I would continue to have heavy periods. I had my procdure over a year ago and every month during my cycle, I have regrets. I had never had the awful cramps before. Please know that its not always as rosy for some individuals. Thank you.

  67. Melissa Says:

    I’m due to have the Novasure this coming Tuesday due to 3 uterine polyps. I’m 45 and have had heavy bleeding for years. I have 1 child, had wanted more but it just never happened. I wonder if it was because of the polyps. Anyhow….I’m pretty sure at 45 it’s too late. So, after reading all your posts about the Novasure, I’m scared to death to have it done. Will I have painful side effects years from now? Should I just have the polyps removed and NOT do the Novasure? Has anyone had a POSITIVE experience? Help!!!

  68. Barb Says:

    I had the procedure 02/07/13. We are all different but before the procedure, I was reading a lot on the internet about it and got scared and wanted to have it done under anesthesia but I would have had to wait even longer, so I went ahead with the procedure in my doctors office. Yes, it hurt a bit but it was over fast. I am so glad I didn’t have it done in the hospital because it would have cost a lot and in my opinion, wasn’t necessary. I wanted to post this because I had been afraid of not having it done under anesthesia because so many posts I had read. The decision is yours but wanted to share.

  69. Beth Says:

    I am 48 years old, and in excellent health, but really tired of long, painful periods. I am having an endometrial biopsy, removal of 2 uterine polyps/fibriods and the Novasure procedure done in 4 days. It will be in a hospital under general anesthesia…had 3 c-sections with spinals and without worries but for some reason the general anesthesia part of this bothers me- probably because I am a control freak and want to be aware of what’s happening- however, after reading the posts here, I think doing it in a hospital as advised by my ObGyn was probably the best way to go. My insurance covers it so that isn’t an issue- Hoping everything goes well- Trying to stay positive- :) Will check back after it’s a done deal !! Good luck to everyone.

  70. Beth W. Says:

    Well, my procedure went well- some pain the first few hours post-op, then just mild cramping for a day or two- very minmal spotting. No period yet- Will check back later.

  71. Becki Says:

    I went in yesterday morning for the Novasure procedure. I was very nervous! When I came out of sedation, I was told the procedure did not work. For some reason, the mesh would not “stick” to the lining of my uterus. The doctor decided to abort the procedure. I came home and cried all afternoon. I just don’t understand. How can it fail DURING the actual procedure? I was talked to, briefly, by the doctor but I was still coming out of anesthesia, so I don’t remember much of her explanation. Has this happened to anyone else? I was told to make a follow up appointment with her in 4 weeks, to discuss my other options. I am very upset and depressed. And now I’m stuck with a huge hospital bill for nothing.

  72. Jenn B Says:

    I just had the Novasure procedure this morning (9am). I had it in the office, and I was only given medications to relax me physically and a local in and around my cervix. I was awake during the entire procedure. It took about five minutes from beginning to end. I was scared to death going in.

    I am posting to let interested women know that it isn’t bad. Yes, it is uncomfortable but not unbearable. The worst part is the 90 seconds of the actual procedure; however it was not as painful to me as the endometrial biopsy.

    Upon returning home, I had cramping most of the day (regular period type cramps). I have been taking 800mg Motrin every 6 hours–none of the scheduled drugs she sent home with me. I have slept most of the day due to the relaxation drugs I suppose. It is now 9pm, and I feel great!

    Also, I have had very little discharge today. My period should be coming tomorrow. I will come back and post any side effects over the next few days.

  73. Jenn B Says:

    I am now almost four days post procedure. I have no pain and will begin my running and exercise tomorrow. I also am having very little discharge. So far so good!

  74. Afterall Says:

    Update to my post of Oct. 19, 2012…
    I am completely pleased with the outcome of this procedure. I had the novasure ablation procedure done under general anesthesia on Dec 15th 2012. The only pain I experienced that required more than a good dose of ibuprofen was in the recovery room at the hospital.
    The following couple of period cycles came and went with decreasing evidence of any spotting until the last two months without anything at all. My other period symptoms remain unchanged, leading to my feeling that my hormone levels are unaffected.
    As I understand it, the results usually last about 5 years and bleeding can return at that point. I am 46 now, so I am hoping for menopause by that time, but will do this again in a heartbeat if it becomes necessary.
    Thank god for this forum. It helped me make the right decision for me.

  75. Jenn B Says:

    Well it has been exactly three weeks. The last two days I have had more discharge than I have had since the surgery, but it seems to be slowing down. So far I am pleased (aside from the discharge). My doctor says it is normal for up to a couple of months. I have had no spotting of blood at all. I will blog again in a month.

  76. Christy Says:

    I am thinking of having the Novasure procedure in my doctor’s office but I have seen some people say that they had basically an epidural for this procedure on some other websites. I had four kids naturally because I can’t imagine having a needle in my spine. That would be a deal breaker no matter what, so what do I expect for the anesthesia part of this in the office? I definitely don’t want to spend the money for the hospital and I have a pretty high pain tolerance I guess. I am worried about no sex for four weeks. I don’t know if I (or my husband) can handle that! They didn’t tell me that when I went for my endometrial biopsy. When I hear the horror stories I think that my periods could be tolerable, but I hate having them twice a month (messes with sex) and I am a teacher, so the trying to get to where I can change my tampons is a problem. Have to wear pads in addition for two to three days each time. I am planning to get my tubes tied at the same time as the ablation. I don’t want to be paranoid about something if it will be great, but I don’t want to do something that will make things worse.

  77. Beth W. Says:

    Update : It’s been 4 months- no complications at all- I have not had a period since the procedure in March. Looking like one of the best things I have ever done !

  78. Jme Says:

    I had the novasure done on Monday July 22nd. It has only been two days, but there is nothing bad to report yet. I was put under to have the procedure done and when I woke up it was nothing more than period cramping. I am definitely tired from the anesthesia, and I am bloated, but it really feels as if I am on my period. I have no heavy bleeding at all, just a small amount of blood, not even enough to fill one pad during the day. I had the procedure done because I have periods that last ten days every 21 days and my cramps were awful after the second child. The only thing I am worried about is the information about lack of sex drive, but I wont know that for several weeks, so cross my fingers!!

  79. anessa barnette Says:

    I had this produce done in Oct 2012 everything has been going well up until about 3 months ago. I have been having extreme pain on left lower side it feels like a knife is ripping me into and last at least 2-3 days. Has anyone else had this problem?

  80. mommiesgoincrazy Says:

    I had the novasure done a year and a half ago after problems with endo and heavy periods. It fixed all of this but I now have started noticing a pink discharge once a month or so, nothing’s significant until today. I also have been experiencing early menopause. The drs told me it would not effect hormones but as I do my research I find lots of women who have had the ablasion done, find this as well :( as for the post above me, I have also heard of women experience g this same pain

  81. mommiesgoincrazy Says:

    I had the novasure done a year and a half ago after problems with endo and heavy periods. It fixed all of this but I now have started noticing a pink discharge once a month or so, nothing’s significant until today. I also have been experiencing early menopause. The drs told me it would not effect hormones but as I do my research I find lots of women who have had the ablasion done, find this as well :( as for the post above me, I have also heard of women experiencing this same pain. I would talk to your Dr about it.

  82. Sharon F. Says:


  83. pinky t Says:

    I know this thread may be a lil old but been researching this procedure because it was recommended by my doctor for the cyst I have, I am not to worried about the cramps or light periods I am worried about the weight gain I am already struggling with my weight severly and have been doing everything possible to loose I would hate to have this done just to gain more, Please someone let me know you can email me or come back here my email is Thank you so much

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