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Lovely, quiet house this morning. Haven’t done a damn thing over this Christmas break. Still need to sweep, mop, and do some laundry. And get the massive pile of cardboard out of our living room (from the delivery of our new bed).

It’s after noon, but I’m still the only one up. Need to shower, and just ‘do’ something. It’s so easy for lethargy to take over. An object at rest tends to stay at rest. Curse you, physics!

Guess I’ll go clean up the back patio. The new dog has been bringing everything she can carry from the yard onto the the cement. Sticks, bricks, balls the kids lost in the underbrush long ago. Which she then proceeds to shred with those awesome jaws of hers.

The newest neighbors are weird. BR came home one day when the new dog and the old dog were having an awful-sounding fight (sounded worse than it was…no blood or scratches or anything). He fired a round into the ground to break it up. The neighbors down the street freaked out, yelling for everyone to hurry and get into the house. But no cops showed up. On New Year’s Eve, we fired off bottle rockets first. The neighbor’s kids were all excited. You could hear their thrilled voices through the overgrown lot that separates us. “Yay, fireworks! Look, fireworks!!!!” Then we fired our guns (as we legally can where we live), and one of the adults yelled, ‘Take your guns into the house!’ Well, hell, don’t want to fire them in there! Finished when we were finished (before 12:30 AM)…and no cops showed up.

So…asshole neighbors freak out about the guns, but don’t call the cops. And the cops will come. We had a liberal neighbor who did call the cops a while back. They come, and then said ‘be safe’. Of course. So…either these newest neighbors called the cops and the cops said, ‘Sorry, not worth coming out for’…or they didn’t call the cops at all. Why wouldn’t they call the cops? Do they have something to hide? Just wondering, because the renters before them had a meth lab…but glad they know we have dogs and weapons.

This isn’t getting the back patio cleaned up, is it? Shit.

What a lazy, lazy Saturday. Too lazy to even go pick up Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Anyway. Guess I will get dressed and clean off the back patio. Then maybe shower and get doughnuts as a reward. THAT sounds good.

After I check Facebook.

9 Responses to “Random thoughts…”

  1. Jess Says:

    I’ve lived in a rural area for decades. It’s an unwritten rule that you move to rural areas to escape the persnickety, hand-wringing, candy-ass neighbors you find where people pay police officers and still live in constant fear. Those that venture out there with the mindset they can have a Nirvana of complete solitude need to make sure they can afford a few thousand acres of isolated land before they move.

  2. diamond dave Says:

    Sounds like me for the past three weeks. One more week to go and I’m back at work. And I’m not looking forward to it at all, but realize if I don’t get back to work soon I’ll descend into depths of laziness that would make a Basset hound howl with envy.

    And I’m green with envy that you live in a place where you can legally shoot in your backyard and the local cops’ only reaction is “meh…”.

  3. Mrs. Who Says:

    Jess: One of the reasons a rural area is peaceful is because everyone has guns. We have a woman from California, however, who thinks she wants to turn our semi-rural area into California. She’s tried to start on HOA, got mad when a hard-working man parked his flatbed alongside his house, calls anytime a dog strolls through her yard, frowns when we rev our Mustang driving past her, and leaves threatening letters in people’s mailboxes. Go back to California, ya bitch! The cops are tired of her calling them over stupid shit.

    DD: The free-to-shoot thing is one of the reasons why we stay in our sort-of ramshackle house instead of the much better house my husband inherited from his mom. It’s a cookie-cutter neighborhood there, with no shooting, and a stupid HOA. Now, we don’t shoot in our yard that often, particularly because the asshole neighbor has young kids. We don’t want to scare them…unnecessarily!

  4. vwbug Says:

    Bet they would freak when my neighbor shoots his pig for the pig roast. We live on 1 acre lots so we aren’t that far apart. He usually gives me a heads up to keep the boys inside incase something doesn’t go right. But most of the time I forget. It’s fine with me… let’s the neighborhood remember people here have guns.

  5. Bou Says:

    I don’t think I’d want to live in a home that used to have a meth lab. I hear there is residual left behind…

    I’d live with guns any day of the left. I’ll skip the former meth lab.

  6. Mrs. Who Says:

    VW: It sounds like your neighbor doesn’t take chances and uses his gun safely. As it should be. And it’s a great deterrent, too.

    Bou: Fortunately, the meth lab people were discovered quickly. Our isn’t a neighborhood you’d expect it to be in…maybe that’s why they tried. But yeah, I would never want to live in a former meth lab. We’re still friends with the former occupants, and they were so upset, even though they’ve gone on and bought a new home.

  7. Quality Weenie Says:

    Hey, we use to have a meth lab in our hood too. FBI raided it and found a guard pig living in what was the living room.

    The house had 14 mortgages taken out on it also.

    Who would have thought that would happen in a Mcmansion hood? Which is probably why they did it.


  8. pam Says:

    We can’t legally fire a gun in our yard, but thankfully the hood is quiet… until my loudmouth dogs start barking!

    Wonder why the neighbors would freak out but not call the cops? ‘Take your gun into the house’? Okay, when I’m through with it! Good grief. Some people are frightened of what they have no knowledge of; maybe you’ll become friendly and acquaint them with firearms. :D

  9. Bou Says:

    Oh Meth Labs can happen anywhere. Hell, there is rumor that someone was running a prostitution ring in one of the homes in my neighborhood. It was nuts. I’m never surprised by anything anymore…

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