The USSR has finally fallen…

…as of today.

In my classroom.

My old-fashioned, shade-like roll-up maps of the United States and the world finally disintegrated today. The glue holding the maps on the bar couldn’t hold on any more. Thus, as I was tugging on it to get it to retract, the maps collapsed in an extremely loud crash onto the floor. Pieces of paper fluttered in the air like confetti, scattering everywhere, including my hair (although my students never told me that latter part…a teacher in the lunch room later asked why I had bits of paper on my head).

I initially just stood there for a moment, my hand still in the air where just a moment before it had been grasping the sides of the maps. The noise stunned the kids, who stared at me with wide eyes. I turned my head to look at them, opened my own eyes widely, and said, “Kaboom?????”

They laughed their little asses off.

But given that the world map still had the USSR on it…it was time for a new one. The USSR fell in 1991, so the map was at least 21 years old…probably closer to 25. Maybe even 30…

I’ve only been asking for a new one since I started working there…15 years ago.

But it is official now. The USSR has fallen, once and for all. (Only, aren’t you a little bit afraid that some semblance of it is being revived on our own soil? Scary thought…think I’ll go put some more vodka in my lemonade…)

3 Responses to “The USSR has finally fallen…”

  1. Jess Says:

    I think I had that map when I was in school. Of course, it was brand new and we were still celebrating the invention of dirt.

  2. LC Aggie Sith Says:

    Yeah, the map in your classroom fell, but not the one in the Oval Office, I’m afraid….

  3. Bou Says:

    So are you now mapless in the panhandle? Will they NOW get you a new map?

    I wonder how many kids went home and told their parents that story. Bones is always coming home and telling me the funniest things his teachers say or do. And I wonder if his teachers know this stuff makes it home. Sometimes I think Bones thinks teachers were put in school to amuse him…

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