Cat’s Paw

There’s a lot of hate in Buck. Right now, he says he hates us (BR and me). Doesn’t like us, doesn’t want to talk to us, can’t wait to get away from us. Says he has a plan for when he graduates high school, but won’t tell us what it is.

We can’t tell if he’s telling lies or just can’t relay ideas clearly. One minute he’s telling us that he’s staying the night with a friend on Sunday, and then shortly after that he’s saying that it’s for tonight, and that he never told us it was Sunday.

We wound up having a yelling match in the front yard tonight (after he slammed grocery bags into the wall when I went to BR to ask him if he had heard that Sunday night was the sleepover…I thought I had misheard, but BR had the same impression as me). It was pretty intense. I was trying to tell him that when he does his chores without being told and turns in his schoolwork like he should we’ll trust him more. He, in turn, kept saying/yelling that he’s made changes ‘in his mind’ and that ‘we can’t see them but they are there and he doesn’t want to show us because he hates us’. The cat didn’t like it…she kept walking around us and meowing.

The argument or whatever the hell you want to call it continued. Then the cat walked up behind Buck and bit him on his leg.

I knew I liked that cat. But we still haven’t gotten anywhere with Buck.

7 Responses to “Cat’s Paw”

  1. pam Says:

    I hope you opened a can of tuna for that cat! ;)

    Encounters like that are never nice. {{Hug}}

  2. Mrs. Who Says:

    Pam: He really is in the world of personal hurt. I think he REALLY thought he told us one night, but meant a different one…he has difficulty with multi-step processes. And when you try to lay it out step-by-step, he gets pissed off and shuts down. Because of his inability to reason coherently, we’ve taken most of our guns to be locked up in another house, and we have long since had a lock on our own bedroom door.

    As for the cat, I think she was telling Buck to not yell at the bringer of the tuna…I had just given her some a couple of hours before the brouhaha.

  3. Bou Says:

    “Bite not the hand that feeds you… or the cat”. :)

  4. diamond dave Says:

    Hugs and prayers – that Buck will soon hit rock-bottom head first and it’ll knock some sense into him.

  5. Cheeze Says:

    Sounds tough. I don’t envy you, but you seem to be handling it.

  6. Mrs. Who Says:

    Bou: It’s the funniest thing…I’ve heard of dogs defending their owners that way, but never a cat!!!

    DD: Sadly, I think he’s hit rock bottom emotionally, but doesn’t have the desire to climb up.

    Cheeze: It is tough, and no, we aren’t really handling it. The last counselor told us that Buck didn’t want to be reached, and not to stress our marriage with confrontations with him (particularly me). Bide our time until he moves out.

  7. Quality Weenie Says:

    I don’t mean to be mean but has he had any type of testing for brain damage? It sort of sounds like a short term memory issue and he gets frusterated by it and goes off.

    Although I don’t think he would go for testing though or medication. There is a lot of stuff out there that might help.

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