I’ve missed my 15 minutes of fame!

This old woman has stolen it: how dare she take my tick syphilis and become a new and interesting statistic with it!!!! That should have been my claim to fame!

Ummm….that’s not quite how I meant it to sound.

But I had the same thing…all the symptoms of Lyme disease, but never tested positive for it. Took the awful damn medicine for it, however…awful, awful stuff.

Now excuse me. I’ll be sitting by the phone, waiting for the apology call from Johns Hopkins’. Or the Mayo Clinic. Either one will do. Maybe I’ll get a disease named after me!

Hey…I’ll take what fame I can get at my age!

2 Responses to “I’ve missed my 15 minutes of fame!”

  1. pam Says:

    Horrible stuff, I hear. Just awful. Glad you got through it!

  2. Mrs. Who Says:

    Pam: My husband thinks there’s a Southern strain of Lyme diseases, but it’s not in the ‘test’…makes me wonder how many people have been misdiagnosed. The latter stages of Lyme disease can have the same affects as Alzheimer’s, since the spirochete attacks the brain.

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