Well, probably only fascinating to me.

I like to sing. I like to sing in the car. Especially now, since I’m driving solo to work for the first time since about ’04. No more kiddos riding in the car with me. (Bittersweet, incidentally.)

Princess No and I often sang. She has a beautiful strong voice, and I can at least carry a tune. Not a broad range, but more-or-less on key.

But I had noticed that my voice was getting more quavery…not being able to hold notes as long or sing without scratchiness. I chalked it up to getting older…I’m just a few years from hitting 50, and old age and treachery always overtake youth and skill.

So, I just didn’t sing as loudly or with as much gusto. Until the past couple of weeks that is. My voice is actually getting better. Couldn’t figure out why for a time.

Then I realized…after my endoscopy, the doctor prescribed a generic Prilosec for me. My gastric issues are gone…and my voice is back! Now, I’m no Kristin Chenoweth, of course. But at least I can sing along with her now if I want, without embarrassing myself too much. ;) I just wish I had figured it out earlier that the swallowing difficulties and heartburn were affecting my voice!

Now some Kristin to sing to:

2 Responses to “‘Fascinating’”

  1. pam Says:

    That’s amazing! I’d never have thought heartburn the culprit!! Well, good for you… and the little girl with the big voice… I’ve seen Kristen Chenoweth somewhere before… wonderful singer!

  2. Mrs. Who Says:

    Pam: Chenoweth has been in several series (Pushing Up Daisies and Good Christian Bitches come to mind)…just a very talented lady! And short, too! Short people rock!

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