It’s worse than that…

…it’s dormant, Jim!

But to Buck, it looks dead. So he chopped it down. My favorite little tree in the yard, that gets these wonderful, tiny white blossoms in the spring. The tree softens the back corner of the yard.

Or…it did.

Apparently, ‘clearing around the fence top about six inches for the electric fence line’ means chopping down every damn small tree and sapling…even if it’s on the neighbor’s side of the fence.


4 Responses to “It’s worse than that…”

  1. Cheeze Says:

    Sadly, it was probably a passive-aggressive, “Oh, you want me to clear the yard? Well I’ll clear the yard all right….”

    brrrrowwwnnzzzzz…whack whack whack.

  2. pam Says:

    Oh, no! I would be… angered. That’s a politically correct word for wrathful rage, right?

    Hope the neighbor didn’t mind overly much…

  3. Bitterroot Says:

    Not only that – the overgrown azaleas that were the REAL problem? The ones that demanded clearing because you can barely even see the fence?

    Yup… Untouched.

    Every tree, sapling and vine WORTH keeping… GONE. Weeds and overgrown azaleas? Still overgrown.

    It’s a damn good thing we don’t have kudzu.

  4. Mrs. Who Says:

    May I just say…FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!!!!!!!

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