Post Inspired by Tyrion Lannister*

But influenced from the depths of some sick and twisted level of hell even Dante couldn’t envision.

First, let me say until today, I had NEVER heard the song below the fold. Very familiar with the group ‘Soft Cell’…and if you’re any child of the 80s, you can sing every line of their song ‘Tainted Love’. And there I was, driving to work today, when I saw the group’s name on the satellite radio display. With the song name ‘Sex Dwarf’.

Whatthehell???? I sure as hell don’t remember that song. I rarely got to purchase records as a child…we couldn’t afford it. So if it wasn’t on the radio, I didn’t know a band’s other songs.

And growing up in the Bible-thumping area I did, if this song had EVER gotten airtime, there would have been hellfire and brimstone called down just after the tar and featherings of ANYone who would have dared played that song.

So when I finally got home tonight, I had to youtube ‘Sex Dwarf’.




Apparently, the FIRST video for this song was confiscated by police. The second one had a nice transvestite symphony orchestra.

But the original one…let’s see…combine S&M and bondage and Dexter and cannibalism and oh, yeah, a dwarf, of course.

On youtube, I found two videos for ‘Sex Dwarf’. The first is the original ‘banned’ version. And no, I didn’t exaggerate in the description above. So it’s NSFW!!!!!! Ever, ever, ever!!!!!!!

But the second video for the song…is even worse.  I would let my kids watch the first one before they ever got to watch the second one.  And in the second one, if you make it that far, please tell me WTH the green one is doing with the flower!!!!  Wait, wait, wait, I don’t want to know.

Just don’t watch them right before you go to sleep.  I wouldn’t want to be responsible for your having any Kafka dreams.

(*Tyrion, the coolest dwarf to have ever existed…yes, I’ve finally gotten into Game of Thrones.)




4 Responses to “Post Inspired by Tyrion Lannister*”

  1. pam Says:

    Good Lord! I couldn’t watch too much of the first and the second… well… think I’m going to need therapy… teletubbies freak me out anyway… ;)

  2. LeeAnn Says:

    I remember the song, but I don’t remember the video, either of them. To be fair, I don’t remember all of the 80s. I probably enjoyed myself quite a bit.

  3. Da Goddess Says:

    Dinklage deserves so much better than to be even thought of in the same league with any of these oddities.

  4. Mrs. Who Says:

    Pam…the teletubbies are minions of Satan. I just know it!!

    LeeAnn: Ah, yes, those were the days! I remember a male strip club and my underaged friends and I sitting and drinking with them…and, uh, never mind, I don’t think I remember that, either!

    DG: You are so right about that! Dinlage RULES!!!!!

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