A New Post

Just to get ‘Sex Dwarf’ out of the way.

Not watching the Super Bowl…heard the lights just went out anyway.

Getting ready to go see Mrs. Goob in a couple of weeks before she leaves for the sand box. That gives me a sad.

Found out that the musical ‘Wicked’ will be coming to New Orleans in late May. Got very, very excited until I found out the nosebleed section starts at $87…the seats I’d love to have (not front row, but not way in the back either) are $200.


Can’t afford that…plus the travel over there and the night’s stay that would be involved.


The gravity of Obamanomics is keeping me from doing a lot of things.

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  1. pam Says:

    :( Yep.

    I watched the commercials but have no interest in football anymore.

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