Homework, oh homework, I hate you, you stink

Unless there are dishes to wash in the sink.

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t expect Buck to do the dishes anymore. I make him wash his own, if he uses them outside of the dish-washing time I am doing them.

But tonight I cut my finger preparing dinner, so I told him he would have to do them.

OMG…you should have seen the homework he had to do all of a sudden. He whipped open his computer and has been working furiously. Well, appearing to work furiously.

Finally, after about two hours of his switching between screens (didn’t see him typing, just looking at school-type work), I told him to take care of the dishes and then go back to doing homework.

What do you want to bet that there is no more homework after the dishes are done?

Nah, I can’t take your money like that.

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  1. AC Says:

    Make sure the dishes need washing every night. Grades might improve.

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