End of the World

So, Pope Benedict is resigning. First Pope to do so for around 600 years.

I just hope the next one isn’t named ‘Peter’.

Why, may you ask?

Oh, because of the prophecies.

The prophecies that were outlined by a bishop named Malachy. If what he said was true, then Benedict is the next to last Pope.

The next one supposedly would be ‘Peter’, and he would be the last Pope.

And then *blam* the end of the city of Rome.

One of the possibilities to be the next Pope is a Cardinal from Africa.

Peter Turkson. That’s right. ‘Peter’.

So, what’s in a name? He’ll just take a new name as Pope anyway.

And what could possibly destroy the whole city of Rome?

Hmmm…a nuke could, right?

But why would someone do that?

Maybe an angry Muslim.

Angry at a new Pope who once said that ‘a theological dialogue’ with Islam is ‘impossible’. Who at a conference once showed a video that could be deemed ‘anti-Islamic’.

Okay, okay, okay. Don’t call the people with the nice white, self-hugging coats. The Church itself doesn’t espouse or endorse the prophecies. I think a lot of the individual lines of the prophecies can be ‘made to fit’ the circumstances and descriptions of post as needed.

But…it does make one wonder.

5 Responses to “End of the World”

  1. pam Says:

    I didn’t want to blog the papal prophecy for some reason… but I’m glad you did. :D Read about it a long time ago and was waiting for the ‘last’ pope with something akin to abject fear… You must admit, the prophecy has been spot on so far.

    And today when I read that Turkson is already -supposedly- known as ‘Peter the Roman’…. well, if I were a betting woman, that’s who I’d put my money on.

    May not be the end of Rome and let’s face it, the Catholic church, meaning the end of the world, right? But, yes, it makes one wonder…

  2. diamond dave Says:

    We know not the day nor the hour – but one often wonders just how close we’re getting.

  3. Bou Says:

    When I read he stepped down, I thought it had happened in the past week and I’d missed it.

  4. Mrs. Who Says:

    Pam: But as always, it comes down to faith, right?

    DD: Not too far away, I’d say…

    Bou: At first I thought he wouldn’t resign till the end of the year. His health must be in serious shape, bless his holiness’ heart.

  5. LC Aggie Sith Says:

    As soon as I heard his name back in 2005, I got worried. And now here comes Turkson, and I am very afraid.

    Oh, and I justnoticed you sent me an email, Mrs. Who. Sorry I didn’t respond to it, but Hubby flushed the suspect emails before I could read it :(

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