Bruises on the Soul


This picture made me kind of sad.

I’m not the most graceful of people. I walk too purposefully for that. Eyes on the goal, focus where I need to go…and wind up running into stuff because of the ‘blinders’ the focus brought on. And I bruise very easily.

In the classroom, I am always running into the corners of the kids’ desks. Sometimes the desks would be close together, and as I moved around them getting from student to student to help, I’d even catch the insides of my thighs on the corners.

My ex thought the resulting bruises ‘proved’ I was running around on him. Because those bruises couldn’t come from desks, of course, but from some other man’s hip bones during sex.

Of course, he was the one ‘running around’…but it was always my fault, one way or another.

2 Responses to “Bruises on the Soul”

  1. pam Says:

    Every man who accused me of infidelity was running around himself. I never did. And yes, it was my fault as well. I didn’t ‘support’ him enough, I worded the night shift, etc…

    That is sad.

  2. Cheeze Says:

    Wow. Totally grok that. The soon-to-be-Ex would freak out if I wore cologne to work, was always up in my knickers about some female co-worker or who she might have caught me looking at. Turns out SHE was the one who was getting the side-order with her main course, IYKWIMAITTYD.

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