Dream Documentation

Don’t know why I feel compelled to write down this dream, but it was weird.

I was in a big city, a rather old city.  Lots of old structures, buildings crowded upon each other…very European looking.  I was wandering through these buildings, which had very few people in them.  There wasn’t any power, and cell phones weren’t working either.  I was trying to find my way through these buildings when I came upon Pope John Paul II.  The older, frail JPII.  He was sitting in the darkness, meditating and praying.  It was like he was other-worldly…I didn’t want to disturb him, but could sense he knew of my presence.  But talking with God couldn’t be interrupted, of course!

So I went outside the building, and could see a great mass of water starting to come up the empty streets.  It was a coastal city, and the ocean was flooding in.  I prayed to God to stop the water, and it almost instantly receded.  I continued my search of the buildings.  I was searching for items to use in trying to flee the city, and was cursing not having a bug-out-bag.  I had to exit a building again in my search, and could see that the flooding had begun again.  I prayed some more, and this time the water froze over.   I hurried into the next building, wanting to find the items I needed.  In particular I needed a light-weight pot I could use to boil water.  I entered into a residence, which one could tell that it had been vacated quickly.  The kitchen sink was piled high with dishes, and I hurried to it to find a pot.  There were bugs and maggots in the filthy mess, but I did see a pot I could use.  I reached in to grab it with my left hand and this unfamiliar green bug (looking like a large mosquito larva) jumped up and burrowed under the nail of my middle finger.  It hurt and burned like hell, and I could see tiny worm-like creatures travelling under the skin of my hand and forearm.  I ran out of the building, anxious to get home where I could get my prescription of doxycycline.  Why I had a full bottle, I don’t know.  I had a prescription once when the doctor thought I had Lyme disease.  But anyway, as I ran to my car, I could squeeze my arm with my other hand, and run it to my fingertips, and the little worm-like parasites would fall out from under my nails, but there was always more there.

I finally found my car, but couldn’t find my way out of the city.  I was in Italy, and couldn’t read the damn street signs.  And so my dream ended with me trying to get home, driving in a panic and trying to squeeze the parasites out of my arm.

And like I said in my previous post, I promise I had nothing to drink before going to bed.  No drugs either.  Just my effed-up mind, taking me to crazy places.

3 Responses to “Dream Documentation”

  1. Rita Says:

    You DON’T want to drive in Italy, believe me.

    I nearly always have weird dreams. I’m convinced they have nothing to do with what’s might be troubling me, just weird bursts of mind activity making no sense at all.

    I loved JPII. He was a cool dude. Next time you see him, give him a kiss on the cheek from me.

  2. Mrs. Who Says:

    Rita: I’ve been to Italy and I totally agree, lol! In fact, the taxi driver that took me from the airport to the hotel was absolutely insane! He got tired of traffic in a small tunnel, and went around it by driving down the train tracks in the tunnel that ran next to the road. Absolutely crazy!!!!

  3. pam Says:

    Do you think the water was really water? Hmmm…

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