Damn Dogs

Must, must, must get a good dog house for the puppers. They won’t go into the shed when it rains, where they have plenty of room to move around, lay down, whatever. Oh, no, they stand under the eaves and look miserable. Meaning I have to get my ass up at the ass-crack of dawn to let them in as I hear the downpour (curse you not-storm Karen!). Only to find that somebody else did the responsible thing and had already let the dogs in…but left the laundry room floor a sodden, water-soaked mess. So instead of just letting dogs in and going back to bed, I had to mop up the floor, then vacuum it because of picking up the dogs’ mats and having sand and dirt go all over the place. *sigh* Although seeing our big, bad dogs trying to avoid the vacuum cleaner was funny.

Now the puppers are all content, curled up on fresh towels as they wait for their doggy-mats to get cleaned. And I’m too woke up to go back to bed. Oh, well…

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  1. LC Aggie Sith Says:

    I hope things are well after the rains :)

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