Dear Buck,

I am so sorry that we have failed you so miserably. We just wanted you to be challenged to find success, driven to have goals, and compelled to show respect to yourself and others.

Where did we go wrong?

I remember driving to school with you and singing ‘The Sunny Day’ song. And you making the progress in your speech and language therapy so rapidly and easily.

And then it all just…stopped. You had goals…but only if they fell into your lap.

You had dreams…but didn’t want to work at them.

We want you to be a respected and hard-working adult. Someone you would want to be friends with.

I wish I could turn back time to find what went wrong for you, and fix it.

But damn if I know when and where it happened.

I’m so sorry.

-Mama Who

7 Responses to “Dear Buck,”

  1. diamond dave Says:

    * deep sigh * [hugs]

  2. Rita Says:

    What Dave said.

  3. vwbug Says:

    More hugs…

  4. pam Says:

    …and more hugs. :(

  5. Ladybug Crossing Says:

    Hugs… Sometimes you do the best you can do and they just don’t appreciate what they’ve been given. Eventually, we hope they grow up and figure it out. Sometimes they don’t figure it out until they are old and grey. You have done the best you can do and you have to take solace in that. You have given it your all. We have watched you give 150% to this kid and receive nothing but crap. It is time to live your life and do for you. Hugs, my dear friend. You deserve so much!

  6. patti Says:

    :( sorry….

  7. Da Goddess Says:

    aw, shit.

    Many hugs!

    damn kids.

    More hugs!

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