Merry Effin’ Christmas

Buck is who knows where. He’s a senior, but he’s taken to ‘camping’ at his job (hole-in-the wall local marina/restaurant). Anytime there’s no school, he’s supposedly there. In a tent. On the water’s edge, in very cold, breezy temps. Yeah, right. More likely he’s at the ‘my two dads’ house. A school mate has two dads. Last time we talked to him, Buck told us that’s where his school computer was. We didn’t want him having it for two weeks god-knows-where when we’re financially responsible for it. But Buck couldn’t give the address, said his friend didn’t know it because ‘they just moved there’ (ummm, several weeks ago actually). He won’t return the calls or texts. And here it is, Christmas Eve, and we have no idea where he really is.

Goob is freshly divorced, yet already taken up with another young honey. His lease is up at the end of December, and he originally planned to come down around December 7th or so after his enlistment ended. Says he has some job prospects where he is…’fair enough’, to use one of his phrases. But he couldn’t tell us that. We found out when he posted pictures of this new honey on FB. He’s been railing against organized religion for days on FB, too. Yet when I spoke with him tonight to get specifics on whether or not he’s coming home, he mentioned he’s ‘going to church’ with this new ‘friend’.

BR is upset with his sons, and on top of his normal grinchy-Christmas mood, this has made for a walking on egg-shells time. Eggs which I’ve seen to have smashed to hell and back.

Princess No recently broke up with her long-term boyfriend, so this Christmas has been hard for her. I made her upset tonight, taking out my worries and frustrations on her.


I’m so terribly sad right now. I can’t remember a decent Christmas for awhile. A Christmas where people were happy to be around each other.

I used to love Christmas. Now it’s nothing but a fucking burden.

Just hope I can carry it off tomorrow…my folks will be coming for Christmas dinner and they don’t need to be in the middle of this shit.

Next year, I’m leaving town for Christmas. Run away somewhere else, and let Christmas happen to someone else. I just don’t know that I can handle its affliction.

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  1. Rita Says:

    We had sooooo many Christmases with soooooo much drama from my husband’s two daughters. Finally for the last three, there is at last peace. And normalcy. As you know, normalcy is such a blessing and only those who have suffered without it for so long understand that.

    Unfortunately the last two Christmases my husband’s sisters and other have now started with the drama. They used to keep it limited to just the women in the family, but now they have Bob in their crosshairs.

    I too used to adore Christmastime. Now I am so relieved when it’s over.

    I pray for you my friend. I pray you too finally get the gift of normalcy.

  2. pam Says:

    We used to have holidays like that; Tanya would just take off and we wouldn’t know where she was or we would know but it wasn’t a pretty story.

    Yesterday the entire family got together and for once it was nice. It was… normal. The girls have grown up, even Tanya, enough to pretend to be normal, anyway. Best Christmas we’ve all had since I can remember.

    The boys will grow up into normal eventually… the girls are now 43 and 36… and I know it’s nearly impossible to wait… but what else can you do?

    Praying for you!

  3. wRitErsbLock Says:

    I’m sorry Mrs Who
    I hate when the joy of Christmas is taken from other people, too.
    we lost ours years and years and years ago.

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