Moving right along…

Buck came by today to pick up his belongings. He had texted his dad a few days ago asking when he could pick up his things. BR told him today, since he was off of work. (I refuse to be here by myself if he came by.) BR had also asked him to send a list of what he wanted…Buck never bothered to reply. So I washed and folded his clothes, gathered gaming stuff, and put his ROTC uniform in a garment bag. Then I dragged out a trunk (given to him by a retired military officer), three Rubbermaid bins, a backpack, and the garment bag onto the front porch.

He came up quietly with his friend. BR heard them on the porch, going through the bins. Dammit, I packed them all neatly…and he was looking for the power supply for his gaming system. What an idiot!!!! Moving out, and worried for a stupid cord.

Honestly, I don’t know if the cord was in there or not. He should have sent the list like BR asked.

And oh, he asked about his truck.

BR told him that he broke the agreement (turning in all his school work on time, grades of C or higher, being responsible at home without being reminded, taking time off of work to practice driving) when he moved out and won’t even give us the address. So…BR did tell him to get the truck, he would have to still get good grades, get his license, and have insurance ready at the end of the school year.

I doubt he’ll do all that.

Buck did ask when his brother Goob was coming down. Who knows, BR told him. Kind of sounds like maybe the two gay dads are maybe just a stop-gap measure till he could crash on his brother.

Oh, and did I mention that both the gay dads have arrest records? Yeah….one of them has several arrests.

So much like his egg-donor. And we can do nothing else. Probably blaming us all the way.

Oh, and their maternal grandfather died a couple of days ago. (He was the only halfway decent person up there…but weak.) We texted Goob about it, and asked him to tell Buck. Apparently Goob is too busy screwing his new squeeze to take the time to do that. Probably moved in with her, since his lease is up…tomorrow! BR said Buck got a weird grin on his face. Probably thinking he’s inheriting something. Just like his mother.

Okay…this crap is crap. I’m writing it more here for future reference. Sometimes I need to ‘remember’ something that happened. Or clarify events. Or realize that we’ve done everything we can in a situation, and it’s time to move on.

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  1. diamond dave Says:

    Moving on is exactly what you need to do. And pray for them, that they either find true happiness or hit rock bottom hard and quick so they understand how you tried for them, and that they don’t screw up their lives beyond repair.

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