Winter’s Toll

Oh, my poor students in the unusually cold weather we’ve been having.

They’re not used to dressing in several layers of clothing. There has been an increase in the number of bathroom ‘accidents’, since kids have bulkier clothes to handle in getting undressed.

And one kid had his hoodie get caught in a shutting door. It yanked him back and he hurt his elbow slamming it against the door frame as he was dragged backwards.

Winter is a mean bitch, folks. Especially for kids who might not even have long sleeved clothing. Two kids came to school so cold they were blue. No heat in their home, and the night was in the low 20s.

And don’t get me started on the static electricity…give me back my 90% humidity!!!!

We’re just not equipped for this type of weather.

3 Responses to “Winter’s Toll”

  1. pam Says:

    Those poor kids! :( At least we had a dadgum space heater (yes, just the one) in the house when I was growing up.

    I’m enjoying the cool weather, but it’s only gotten to the low 40s here; that’s quite different from the 20s.

  2. diamond dave Says:

    90% humidity is a bit much for me – but I’d like just enough to take the miniature lightning bolts out of everything metal or plastic I touch.

  3. Joel Says:

    Normally we’d be having 20 below this time of year, but it’s been hovering around the low 30s while the rest of the country has been freezing its heinie off. I don’t envy people who are used to mild winters coping with this year’s blast.

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