Winter is Here

With a vengeance.

Holy shit. We are just not equipped for this kind of weather along the Gulf Coast. I’m staying at our second house to monitor pipes. The yard is becoming white. WHITE! The only white I want to see is the beach sand, and we’re too many miles inland here for that.

But we are having a LOT of precipitation. It looks to be mostly ice rather than snow, although snow is predicted for overnight. Tunnels around here are closed, interstates are closed, the big bridges over the local bays are closed. A train has derailed, with train cars dangling over a bridge. Some of the train cars have sulfuric acid, others acetic acid. I guess the first one is the more worrisome…

While I was driving over here, I had the first-time experience of seeing ice forming on the truck as I drove…thickening over the side-view mirrors, and forming thick icicles underneath. Roadside signs have icicles several inches long hanging down.

This just isn’t the way of winter down here, lol! I want to wear my sandals, dammit.

3 Responses to “Winter is Here”

  1. pam Says:

    I mourned Texas weather for years after I moved to south Florida -which has no weather, really. But now? I LOVE it! LOL! who needs bursting pipes and slick roads? I sit in front of my faux fireplace and feel grateful… ;)

  2. Joel Says:

    Your spam (first comment above) actually reads only slightly less coherently than some of the press releases that come across my desk. :)

    This has been the weirdest year. Here in the tundras (tundrae?) of central Washington, we usually see at least a week or two of 20 below. But this year we’ve been hanging around 30-ish above while the rest of the country shivers in the snow.

  3. Mrs. Who Says:

    Pam: Absolutely!!! I’d have a fire going here except I can’t remember the last time the chimney was checked.

    Joel: Oops…I deleted it before I read it. Maybe I can get a job writing press releases! And yes, winter is bizarre this year. We’ve already had at least four different times of below-freezing temps, when it usually only comes once or twice about February. But enjoy your warmth (relatively speaking).

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