Up Yours, Bitches

First bitch: Take your smarmy attitude and shove it up your cjtc. That way someone would get some enjoyment from it. You know nothing, NOTHING of life down here, so get off that high-horse and quit telling people how to take care of things. I would like to see your ass get ready for a hurricane. Oh, I’m sure you could handle that, and even give perfect directions to the National Guard. T’is a shame you couldn’t have been there to tell the people of New Orleans what to do during Katrina. The loss of life wouldn’t have happened, I’m sure, because you’re just that damn good.

Second bitch: While I’m not 100% sure, it does look like you have an arrest for a DUI. So you are NOT the best person to be guiding Goob’s life right now. Telling off a grandmother who was just showing concern simply shows your lack of class and maturity. But FWIW, we’d be staying out of Goob’s life right now even without your getting all uppity about it. He has to make his own mistakes, and we can’t protect him from himself. It’s because we respect him to make his own choices. Good or bad. So far, you’re not looking too good on that front. Maybe you have some truths you need to face about yourself, too. Wake up and grow up, the both of you.

Any other bitches out there? C’mon…I’m ready tonight.

Update: Cannot fully verify the DUI, so I’m backing off that remark. However, chicky-baby, that video of you drunk, singing and dancing, is not very flattering. Just friends having fun, I’m sure…but you are helping to alienate a young man from his folks. Granted, he has to make his own decisions. But he is still reeling from the emotional slap his ex-wife gave him, and we’d hope any woman in his life now would help him and be a stabilizing factor for him. Are you doing that? We literally bankrupted ourselves trying to keep him and his brother from a mentally-perturbed (yes, I mean perturbed) woman and the sex offender she married…and we would do so again, even if Goob never speaks to us again from this point forward. We are always here to help him and his brother for as long as we are able. Those two boys with their hurt souls have a lot of shit to work out, and we understand that. We will not, however, enable jack-assery or self-harm. Hope you don’t either.

7 Responses to “Up Yours, Bitches”

  1. diamond dave Says:

    So who’s been yanking your chain? The second is pretty obvious, but how ’bout the first?

  2. pam Says:

    You can take ‘em both at one time, one hand tied behind your back! :D

  3. Mrs. Who Says:

    DD: The first one is the chunt from Utah.

    Pam: Maybe so…after I get updated on my vaccines.

  4. Pammy Says:

    You tell ‘em Mrs. Who!

  5. Joel Says:

    I had to look up “cjtc.” Wow. That’s a phrase of extreme pungency.

    I was just thinking this morning about the hurricane comparison. Makes it a little easier to understand the South’s response to what we think of as a light dusting of snow. I’d be screaming for the apocalypse if I had to get ready for what you folks get every few years.

  6. Mrs. Who Says:

    Pammy: I try, I try, lol!!!

    Joel: It’s a horrific pejorative. But this woman deserves it. I don’t think I could ever say it out loud, nor refer to anyone else that way. But any woman who chooses a sex offender over her own sons and then calls them liars…well, it fits.

  7. Mrs. Who Says:

    P.S. Joel: Each part of the country has different things in place for their weather challenges. I don’t see how you more northerly folks endure the snow and ice and continuous cold. The prolonged cold temperatures have helped me to discover I’m literally allergic to cold…itchy, nasty hives!!! At least youcan leave town for the hurricanes!