Buck let one of the gay dads that he lives with do his taxes. The dad that has an arrest record. Or should I say, the one that has a multiple-arrest record. The other dad only has one arrest as far as we can easily tell.

Buck hasn’t even seen the form, and didn’t even know if it was done online or on paper.

Problem is, Buck didn’t mark that he was being claimed as our dependent (because dammit, he did live with us as a dependent high school student, and he sure as hell didn’t contribute to his living expenses).

The IRS will be after his ass.

When I first texted him tonight (as I was doing the checklist for our CPA), I asked if he had made over 3900.00 (a question about dependents on our forms). I also mentioned that he MUST put on his tax form that he was our dependent last year. His reply: “Too late.” Guess he thought it was too late for us, and that he would just get his hands on all that money.

Managed to get him on the phone and tell him the IRS WOULD come after him, and he would have to pay what he owes WITH INTEREST, and that he needed to do an amendment asap. BR conjectured that the ‘dad’ where he is staying might use Buck’s info and open accounts and shit in his name. We don’t really know what the series of arrests was for…

Buck has no clue that he’s fucking himself over so hard. And still not a damn thing we can do about it.

We have Goob’s W2. I texted him a copy of the envelope to see where he wanted us to send it. He hasn’t replied. Okay, fine. Figure it out on your own, then. Hope I don’t lose track of it before he actually calls for it.

3 Responses to “STUPID KID TRICK!!!”

  1. diamond dave Says:

    Nothing like learning new vocabulary words like levy and garnishment the hard way. If that don’t wake ‘em up, they’re DOA. The IRS is about as subtle as a baseball bat between the eyes over such matters.

  2. pam Says:

    Yep, the IRS… especially under o’bummer… is hard as nails. Rebellion is all well and good but Buck probably needs to put his big boy pants on now.

  3. Mrs. Who Says:

    DD: It will probably catch up to him about the time he goes in the Army at the end of the summer. Working for a government agency when another government agency needs to take your money makes it all too easy for the taking to happen. And without his having any dependents or other allowances, the IRS can take pretty much all of his paycheck until it’s paid.

    Pam: Big boy pants are a definite need now…if the IRS doesn’t take those too, lol!

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