No Joy in Whoville

I just dumped out my ‘joy jar’. I started it last year, Jan. 1, 2013. It was a neat idea…each day, the family can write down something ‘good’ that happened, put it in the jar, and read over them at the end of the year.

Well, there was no real joy last year, I guess. I was the only one who wrote anything down, and there were only about 10 or so strips of happy thoughts in the jar.

So, I dumped the whole thing out without looking at them.

Two of the kids apparently hate/despise us. Won’t communicate with us. And I wonder just who is ‘living lives of quiet desperation’…us or them.

4 Responses to “No Joy in Whoville”

  1. pam Says:

    It’s a good idea; if you decide to do it again, do it for yourself only. As Tanya is fond of telling me: expectations only lead to resentment. I will throttle her the next time she says it. Ugh.

    I play The Sims because I get to control every facet of every sim life every sim day… in contrast, human kids just do what they want after a certain age.

    Hope and pray you get your joy back… ((HUG))

  2. Mrs. Who Says:

    Sims…maybe I need to try that…

  3. Lemon Stand Says:

    I totally get the “Remind me again why we had kid” moments. Um. The movie’s over. Time to get up and move on into the sunshine again. I’m just saying that because apparently the powers that be didn’t get the memo.

    Still, as my Mother-in-law used to tell me, you can’t change them and sometimes you need to sit down, grab the popcorn and watch the show from afar, complete with all the gasps of a horror movie, tears for the disappointments they experience, and laughter when the moment calls for it. THEY are not YOU. No mountain is climbed without crossing the ravine. My mother-in-law was a very wise woman.

    She rarely got ruffled, although she did invest in a police scanner to get the heads up before the phone call or visit. She just left the door open. It was up to the kids to come in and sit down for dinner. Wish I could lend her to you. She always made me feel better. (but then she also started getting calls from my husband later on in life out of the blue begging for her forgiveness… she’d laugh and ask which one of the kids was in trouble.)

  4. Mrs. Who Says:

    LS: Until recently, I had no idea how much of a control person I am. I mean well…and I’m learning to just sit and enjoy the popcorn. Because otherwise it’s just too miserable.

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