Dear un-Mrs. Goob

I saw on FB the other day where you were so happy to be back to your maiden name.

Not as glad as I am. I mean, seriously, you have an affair with a foreign national and think YOU are the one who was wronged?

Know who else had an affair with a foreign national???? The Goob’s egg-donor…you know, the one who married the sex offender. The one who caused so much pain and suffering in Goob’s and Buck’s lives. Way to go, sweetheart. Way to add pain and suffering to a young man who just wanted to love the special women in his life.

Yes, thank God that you are back to your maiden name. We may have our problems…but you do not deserve to be part of Goob’s or our lives.

Grow the fuck up, bitch.

4 Responses to “Dear un-Mrs. Goob”

  1. diamond dave Says:

    Sounds like you’re on a wench-slaying mission lately. Can I make a request to add my not-so-beloved sister-in-law to your list?

    If I were still a drinking man, I’d drink with you & your hubby any day. Sounds like we have a lot in common with your family, with all the strife…

  2. vwbug Says:

    Ugh. I hope you can find some happy times in all of this.

  3. Bitterroot Says:

    Our name was given to me at the tender age of three months, and there was a time when for a while, I was not so sure I wanted it myself. However, it was since hard-won through the blood, strife and celebration of the Zathras clan. I stood at your sham of a wedding and welcomed you as one of my very own. *spit* You aren’t fit to wear my name, and I’m glad to be done with you.

    Good riddance.

  4. Ladybug Crossing Says:

    Amen and good riddance!