Kids Say the Durndest Things

Oh, yes they do.

Just today these two gems happened.

One of my sweet students gave me hug this morning. As she walked away, she asked, “Can I take your stomach home?”
“Why would you want to take my stomach home?”
“Because it’s fluffy!!”
Crap. Time to get back on the elliptical.

Then there is a student on the autism spectrum. He has to have some kind of tactile object with him at all times. Sometimes it’s paper men that he creates himself and keeps in his pocket. More recently it’s been a small monkey…it looks like it came out of a Happy Meal. Recently he’s taken to twisting, cutting, and wrapping decorative duct tape (leopard spots this week) around the monkey as a form of clothing. Well, I was leading the line of students out of the building, I hear him blurt out behind me (he has difficulty controlling verbal outbursts), “Mrs. Who, my monkey is going commando!!!” I literally came to a dead stop, gritted my jaw, and drew in my shoulders. Split-second decision…do I keep on going and pretend I didn’t hear, or do I check and hopefully prevent mayhem. I feared he might have added even more to the monkey…maybe making it anatomically correct? I turned around…and all he was doing was ‘flying’ his monkey above his head…it was still ‘clothed’ in its speckled duct tape duds. I asked him if he knew what ‘going commando’ means…and he looked confused and said no. I explained what it really meant and his eyes got really big (he won’t even use the bathroom at school!) and he uttered a big “OHHHHH!”. Little creature went back into the hoodie pocket, as if to protect it.

I love working with kids. They may make me age, but they keep my heart young.

3 Responses to “Kids Say the Durndest Things”

  1. vwbug Says:

    Love it! And yes, I need to get my soft pillow belly back to being a little smaller as well. Thanks to my son for letting me know he loved his pillow. Ugh.

  2. pam Says:

    That is so sweet. Hope my autistic grandson is blessed with good teachers like you!

  3. bob agard Says:

    Thanks to you and Google, I now know what going Commando means. I have lived such a sheltered life. (Sigh).

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