I’ll take ‘Tapeworms’ for $1,000, Mr. Trebek

Buck texted me today to see if he was still on the medical insurance. Apparently, one of the my two dads Buck is now living with have him convinced he has a tapeworm. Because he’s eating so much and still staying skinny.

I think they’re just feeling the impact of paying for his groceries. Oh, he says he pays rent to them. But given that our grocery costs have dropped by at least half…I imagine they’re paying more than they ever have before.

And now we could probably go three weeks before we would have a full garbage can to put out at the street. Previously, it would be overflowing each and every week, with bags piled up on top and on the ground around the can.

And we haven’t had to relight the hot water heater since he left.

He called earlier in the week asking about the truck. We told him we’re still planning on signing it over to him, but he has to have a driver’s license, not just a permit. He says he’s ‘working on it’. Whatever that means. He also complained about one of the roomies (one of the kids there, but we’re not 100% sure). Apparently the school would not issue him his laptop because there is not an adult to sign for it. So he bought a tablet to do his work…and it got ‘stolen’. Among other things that have ‘disappeared’. Sounded like he’s not having too good of a time of it there. We told him he could come home (under strict rules, of course) but he practically yelled ‘No!!!’ Okay, kid, stay with people who are stealing your stuff. Not my problem anymore.

Poor Buck. In a world of hurt, and doesn’t even know it.

5 Responses to “I’ll take ‘Tapeworms’ for $1,000, Mr. Trebek”

  1. Rita Says:

    You should have referred him to healthcare.gov.

  2. Mrs. Who Says:

    Rita: LOL!!! After his birthday next month, I will. Where we live, you’re not considered an adult until you’re 19…so we have a few more weeks.

  3. pam Says:

    Oh, Buck. He’ll learn how utterly foolish his actions have been, but by then he’ll be an adult and too late. Unfortunately, we all make those stupid mistakes… Some are just stupider than others. :(

  4. Pammy Says:

    What Pam said. My daughter is 40…and she’s just now thanking me for how I handled some of the stuff she went through. I understand why some animals eat their young now. hehe

  5. diamond dave Says:

    He’s made his bed, now he gets to lie in it. And he’s complaining because it smells like shit.

    Consequences really are a bitch, aren’t they?