Draws Circle on Wall. Repeatedly Bashes Head Against It.

When, oh when, oh when will I ever learn????

When dealing with my sister, I should KNOW to expect demands being made of me. And why, oh why, oh why do I keep letting it happen?

Like this week…I’m off for my Spring Break. And I’ve been doing some serious housecleaning and decluttering. The kind of cleaning that involves hours of work. The kind where you work and work, because it’s just good to keep at it until it’s done. The kind that I have not been able to do since moving in because of so many people living here.

But now it’s just BR and me, and he’s working this week. So I can get some serious shit done. (See…serious shit. Not casual shit.)

My sister is also moving to her Habitat for Humanity house this month. Since I was off, and since I had an errand to run in her town, I offered to take A load to her new house (in yet a different town!!!) since I haven’t seen it yet. Told her that I wouldn’t have a lot of time, but could spend half-a-day helping her out. (Not with packing, just taking a load. I’ve been to her house last week, and Jesus H. Christ…the boys’ room (which leads to the back yard) is a minefield of clothes, toys, garbage, and chicken feed!!!!) All that trouble with DCFS, all those folks helping her get her house clean and presentable, and she’s right back to where she started!!!

Well, it turns out my sister had plans for me. (I should mention here that she can’t drive due to her epilepsy.) When I called to remind her of the time I’d be over and that I can’t fit her AND all four kids in my truck, she told me that it was okay, because I could run the eldest kid into town for his hearing aide appointment, come back and take everyone else to the new house, then bring them all back and then go pick up the first kid from his appointment. Which isn’t until late, late afternoon. Because I have all this free time since I’m on spring break and don’t have kids home anymore, I suppose.

Told her I couldn’t do that because I had things to do. But I STILL have to take the kid to Dad’s office, and then he will walk to the doctor’s appointment.

All this apparently because my mom (who will sometimes take them to appointments) and my sister aren’t talking to each other. Again.

Because of Girl Scout cookies and church.

Apparently, my mother bought GS cookies for my sister’s kids, and gave them to her at church last Sunday. And my sister, being the uber-conservative Catholic she is, went off on my mother about the cookies, because of Planned Parenthood’s connection to GS. My sister refused to take the cookies. My mother stated that they were already paid for, and that she bought them for the kids to enjoy. Apparently my sister got louder and more holier-than-thou, how her kids weren’t being raised that way, and my mother got mad and smacked my sister over the head with the church bulletin. All of this taking place in the church vestibule. So my mother took the cookies and dropped them in the food collection box. My sister later called the lady in charge of the food boxes and warned her about the evil GS cookies being there.

You can’t make this shit up, folks.

Dammit. What happened is that my mom got her feelings hurt because my sister acted like she wasn’t being a good Catholic. And my sister got her feelings hurt because she feels our mom is always trying to tell her what to do and that she’s not capable of making decisions. And my mom hasn’t told me much of what happened, only not to bring it up in front of my stepfather because he gets chest pains worrying about it.

Excuse me while I find my circle again.

4 Responses to “Draws Circle on Wall. Repeatedly Bashes Head Against It.”

  1. diamond dave Says:

    Family dysfunction. Don’t you love it?
    Which is precisely the reason we’ve pretty much turned our abode into an island ringed with reefs and sharks. Call it proactive self-defense.

  2. pam Says:

    Wow. Suddenly my family doesn’t seem so crazy… LOL! J/K, you know they’re insane. ;)

    I’m with Dave, but thinking about a moat. With gators.

    Hang in there!!

  3. Bitterroot Says:

    *Begins Googling “Bobcat Rentals” to research the feasibility of building a gator-filled moat around the HoZ*

  4. bob agard Says:

    No, you can’t make this up.

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