Empty nest. Kind of nice, kind of not. It’s nice having the privacy…if I want to walk naked from my bedroom down to the laundry room, I can. Without fear of causing lasting harm on the kids’ young and impressionable minds, lol.

But some good news. Goob has a place with the Guard in the state where he’s now living. YAY!!! Don’t know if it’s full-time or just reserve, but it’s something. AND he’s going back to school! Awesome, awesome news.

Princess No just received word that she’s been hired for a job on her college campus next year…analyzing statistics for the school. Falls right in line with her economics degree. Awesome, awesome news.

Eraserhead is going back to school to get a teaching certificate to go with his degree, and then has plans to teach English in Japan. Awesome, awesome news.

Buck is still moved out, having some difficulties, but is taking steps to move forward in the world. He actually went to the dentist himself yesterday…and paid for it. He leaves in July for the Army, and says he’ll wait till then to get his wisdom teeth out (told him my insurance will cover him till his birthday next month, and he’d only have to pay about half of the amount…but he decided he would wait until the Army could do it for ‘free’…okay). He’s finding out that being out on your own ain’t all fun and games, but taking small steps to move forward. Awesome, awesome news.

And I have accomplished a lot this spring break. Cleaning, moving things around, sorting paper work…not everything is done, but I do feel good about what I did get done. And I was able to sleep in a lot.

Victory is ours!

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  1. Jess Says:


  2. diamond dave Says:

    Any motion forward is good news, particularly with difficult (semi) adult kids. Even if it turns out to be two steps forward, three steps back, as long as they keep pointed in the right direction they have a chance. Like with our daughter, hopefully she’ll stay pointed and walk in the right direction for a while.

  3. Rita Says:

    Hopefully the overwhelming drama may be ebbing.

  4. pam Says:

    Awesome news indeed!! :D

  5. bob agard Says:

    I am so happy to read this post!

    I also want to share with you this post I wrote a few minutes ago: Colleen and I talked all morning today about this event and how it affected each of us. We still talk every day, as we parent Jon, Greg, and Sara, even though she is in New Mexico and I am in Colorado. The event I write about in the above link had a terrible life-changing effect on Colleen and on our relationship.

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