Natural is in the eye of the beholder

I mentioned a couple of posts back that I was helping my sister move a load of boxes from her old house to her new place. It was about 20 miles further from where she told me it was, but hey…she doesn’t drive, so she probably doesn’t have a good concept of distance.

We had three of her four kids with us  in the cab of the truck.  Aunt Mrs. Who, don’t you have satellite radio?  Turn it to channel six!  You don’t like that station?  Which ones do you like?  How about this…I have presets for 36 satellite channels.  Why don’t I just scan through them, and then tell me when you like one, and we’ll stay on that one.  It wound up on the Broadway channel.  My sister and I chatted for awhile, then: Are you listening to this music?  No, I’m listening to THIS:  and changed it to the Rammstein cd.  Don’t tell me what I will listen to in my own vehicle when I’m doing you a favor!

We got to the house, unloaded, walked around the property a bit, and then started back.  Somehow, we started talking about middle age, and how food smells still bother us in the morning, years after pregnancies have come and gone.  She also mentioned that she feels nauseated when she’s on her period and when it’s her fertile time.  (Those are her words.  In the cab of the pick-up.  With kids definitely in earshot, especially since they’re listening to music they don’t want to, lol!.    No problem…I’m very much a matter-of-fact person when it comes to bodily functions myself.  I personally would not have mentioned a ‘fertile time’ in front of very young kids, but hey, not my kids.  But my music!)

She did ask me what I had been doing on my spring break.  Mentioned getting my sewing room done.  That in fact, when it’s me by myself, I don’t close the bathroom door.  And from the bathroom I can see straight across the hallway into my sewing room, with the sewing machine gleaming in the sunlight streaming through the window.  I can sit on the toilet and feel all happy just looking at the room.

My sister gagged and called out my name, acting all shocked…’The things you come up with!’  Hey…at least I wasn’t talking about being fertile, too!!!!  *shrug*

3 Responses to “Natural is in the eye of the beholder”

  1. pam Says:

    To me, your sitting on the toilet and looking into another room feels normal. Probably because we never shut the door, either. Her ‘fertile’ talk in front of kids… doesn’t. But I bet someone else would think nothing of it.

    Everyone has their threshold for weird, I guess. Mine’s pretty dang high… ;)

  2. Mrs. Who Says:

    When the Rammstein cd was playing, the song ‘Mutter’ came on, and my sister asked if it meant ‘Mother’ and if the song was for or against ‘mothers’. I told her it wasn’t very good for mothers. She laughed gleefully and clapped, saying she liked it then (see previous post about her and our mother’s argument). I was driving, but I pointed at her and told her not to be doing that…after all, the kids were right there in the cab with us. There are just some things you shouldn’t do in front of kids…and knocking their grandmother is one of them!!!

  3. Da Goddess Says:

    I think being able to sit in the bathroom and look at something inspiring or something that makes you happy is a good way to spend your “down” time.

    I can think of nothing wrong with it. Unless you’re on the phone while doing so (big pet peeve! I don’t like phone calls from a bathroom).

    As for talk of menstruation and fertility, eh. I don’t have a problem with that either. But talking bad about family in front of the kids is a big no no!

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