Blessed Be the Children

While I was on car duty today, I was listening to a group of second graders having a conversation. One kid was talking about he he almost became a foster kid when he was little because his mom was gone all the time, but his dad and stepmom found out and now he lives with them. Another boy spoke up and said that his grandmother takes care of foster kids, because sometimes their parents throw them down in the crib. Then that boy’s sister asked if he remembered the time when they got to be on the news because of the neighbor throwing down his baby in the crib. And then the brother replied back that they weren’t on the news that time. The time she was thinking of was when their stuff got stolen and the camera guy talked to them.

These are seven and eight year old kids. That tells you about the environment where I teach. And yet they expect these kids to perform as flawlessly as kids reared in an environment which has few of those societal ills.

I’m getting too old for this.

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  1. Rita Says:

    My niece ended up adopting two girls when she was a Principal. The oldest was in first grade and when she and her sister were taken into foster care, my niece moved in to adopt them both.

    Thank the Good Lord too. The foster family they lived with ended up with several of the kids and the bio kid (who was 18) murdered the foster mother’s brother who had just been released from jail.

    We also believe the foster mother was the one that told the girls bio mom who adopted them. She had originally signed them over for adoption and luckily didn’t change her mind before the adoption was final.

    But now she knows who adopted them, tried to contact them by calling the school and writing a letter to me niece. Niece called the attorney who fired off a Do Not Contact letter.

    Thankfully she hasn’t shown up at their doorstep six years later.

  2. Mrs. Who Says:

    Rita: Oh, how fortunate for those girls! Is your niece still a principal? That means she can keep a real close eye on them, even when they go to other schools. They watch out for their ‘own’.

  3. pam Says:

    The times are a-changing, I think. And not for the best. :(

  4. Rita Says:

    No. My niece has been promoted several times since then. And they were in another school district the next year. Thankfully, otherwise the woman could have just come up to the school. And because the foster mother told her who adopted them, she now knows their last name.

    The oldest one (at the time was 6) talked about how she and her younger sister were sick when they were in foster care because they always had to take NyQuil. Yeah, you know that bitch was giving them that to keep them quiet.

  5. Da Goddess Says:

    I tell ya, it breaks your heart to hear kids talk like it’s nothin’. Between what you see as a teacher and what I saw as a nurse would make most people burst into tears.

  6. bob agard Says:

    Hang in there kid. Thanks for sharing and reminding us about the realities some kids face. And thanks for you continued kindness to them.

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