Not to confused with ‘fornication’. According to Wikipedia, that is, lol.

Seriously, that’s the first line under ‘Formication’ on that website. Some people are idiots.

I stumbled across it while searching for reasons for my skin problems. I’m breaking out all over my chest and along the outside of my face. And I’m having these weird sensations like there’s a flea hopping on me. Only there’s nothing there (and that’s formication). Started wondering if it might be menopause related.

I’ve come to the conclusion that anything unpleasant is menopause related. Hot flashes, night sweats, gas prices going up, stupid president tricks.


4 Responses to “Formication”

  1. lemonstand Says:

    I can totally relate! (and agree… especially about the tricks) :)

    It couldn’t be Memorial day without me thanking you for your service and that of your son.

  2. Mrs. Who Says:

    And I thank your husband…and you, as the wife’s job can be both hard and thankless…

  3. pam Says:

    If it happens after 50 you can usually blame menopause. Yes, even the prezident.

  4. Da Goddess Says:

    Sorry you’re going through all those awful “surprises” that come with menopause. I lived with it, horrified by it all, until my hysterectomy. My best friend, Hysterectomy was.

    Has the doc given you anything to help ease your symptoms?

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