Temporarily Open for Business

    Because trolls, you know!

    5 Responses to “Temporarily Open for Business”

    1. Pammy Says:

      OMG! You’re back? Please don’t ever go away again…I missed you! LOL

    2. Rita Says:

      Yep. I’ve missed you too.

    3. Mrs. Who Says:

      I’m working on getting back. It won’t be here. As you probably guessed, LTS found the page. I guess she doesn’t realize how tracking systems and commenting work and leave a trail.

      I will let you very special ladies know. I’ve missed this place. I’ve missed y’all.

      LTS may think she’s had something over me. But she had to face the truth. She hasn’t accepted it, of course. But she will see the truth here in due time.

      But…I’ll be back.

    4. Retired Navy CPO Says:

      Goodness. What happened here?

    5. Joel Says:

      You’re back! (And it took me this long to figure it out.) Do let me know where you move to, please. I’ve missed you.

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